FREE VACCINE & MICROCHIP CLINIC to take place on October 25th

October 17, 2014

As part of the Humane League of Lan­caster County’s ongo­ing com­mit­ment of serv­ing the com­mu­nity, the Humane League of Lan­caster County has part­nered with the Cris­pus Attucks Com­mu­nity Cen­ter to admin­is­ter free vac­ci­na­tion and microchip ser­vices to area res­i­dents on Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 25, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Humane League of Lan­caster County staff and vol­un­teers will be on hand to vac­ci­nate up to 75 dogs on a first come, first served basis for Rabies and Distemper-Parvo, as well as pro­vide Home Again microchips so that if a dog is ever lost, its owner can be more eas­ily found.

Many pet own­ers do not know that state law dic­tates that dogs must be vac­ci­nated for rabies by 3 months of age and vac­ci­na­tions must be kept up to date. Unfor­tu­nately, in tough eco­nomic times, many pet own­ers feel as though they have to choose between car­ing for their fam­ily or their pets’ needs. Humane Penn­syl­va­nia, the Humane League of Lan­caster County’s par­ent orga­ni­za­tion, has devel­oped a wide-range of char­i­ta­ble pro­grams under its Pet­Net pro­grams so that pet own­ers hope­fully do not have to make that unfor­tu­nate choice. “Our goal has always been to make pet sur­ren­ders a last resort,” said Karel Minor, Humane Pennsylvania’s President/CEO.

The Humane League of Lan­caster County decided to part­ner with the Cris­pus Attucks Com­mu­nity Cen­ter to pro­vide this free ser­vice, because it fits in with their mis­sion to improve the qual­ity of life and the phys­i­cal and men­tal health of fam­i­lies, as well as the fact that they are located in an under-served and low-income area of the city. “We’re very excited and grate­ful that the Humane League has part­nered with us to pro­vide this valu­able com­mu­nity ser­vice,” stated Cheryl D. Holland-Jones, Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of the Cris­pus Attucks Com­mu­nity Cen­ter. “It fits in nicely with our mis­sion and pro­vides a valu­able ser­vice to the peo­ple we reg­u­larly strive to serve.”

What: Free Vac­cine & Microchip Clinic

Where: Cris­pus Attucks Com­mu­nity Cen­ter, 404 South Duke Street & 407 Howard Avenue, Lan­caster, PA 17602

When: Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 25, 2014 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Details: Lim­ited to 75 canines only and served on a first come first served basis

Dispel the Myth!

October 10, 2014

Hal pumpkin sweater

Adop­tion Promotion!

Noth­ing is scarier than a myth you just can’t seem to dis­pel.  Humane Penn­syl­va­nia hopes to put an end to at least one this month.  The black cat has long been regarded as an icon of super­sti­tion, and his­tor­i­cally, many shel­ters refuse to adopt out black cats dur­ing the month of Octo­ber, claim­ing that these felines are more likely to meet an unfor­tu­nately end due to the ghoul­ish nature of Halloween.

Repeated stud­ies, how­ever, have shown that there is no evi­dence to sup­port such claims, and only the black cat is harmed by the refusal to allow poten­tial adopters to take them home.  Accord­ing to National Geo­graphic, experts on Hal­loween and cults have found “no con­firmed sta­tis­tics, court cases, or stud­ies to sup­port the idea that seri­ous satanic cult crime even exists.”

There­fore, all Humane Penn­syl­va­nia loca­tions are cel­e­brat­ing free­dom of the dash­ingly furry and mys­te­ri­ously lov­able black cat!  Start­ing Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 11th, and run­ning through Fri­day, Octo­ber 31st, all black cats (& mostly black cats) are avail­able at a dis­counted adop­tion fee of $10.31.

To view cats avail­able for adop­tion at our four loca­tions, visit www​.berk​shu​mane​.org and www​.humane​league​.com.

The Humane League of Lancaster County Announces the Supporting Animals & Families in Emergencies – SAFE Haven Program

October 1, 2014

As the month of Sep­tem­ber comes to an end, so too does National Dis­as­ter Pre­pared­ness Month. The Humane League of Lan­caster County knows that in spite of good inten­tions to pre­pare for an emer­gency, unfor­tu­nate events can occur to any­one at any time which may pre­vent a respon­si­ble and lov­ing pet owner from being able to tem­porar­ily care for their pet. As such, the Humane League of Lan­caster County announces the launch of its Sup­port­ing Ani­mals & Fam­i­lies in Emer­gen­cies, or SAFE Haven pro­gram, which allows the pet owner a respite from car­ing for their pet after an emer­gency, free of charge for up to thirty days, in an effort to assist them in get­ting back on their feet.

“By pro­vid­ing this ser­vice, it often means the dif­fer­ence between a fam­ily hav­ing to give up their pet to an ani­mal shel­ter for adop­tion or being with the fam­ily once the cri­sis is over,” stated Karel Minor, Pres­i­dent & CEO of Humane Penn­syl­va­nia, the Humane League of Lan­caster County’s par­ent orga­ni­za­tion, “It brings me and the staff great joy know­ing that we not only pre­vented a pet from being given away or sur­ren­dered, but that we were also able to help a fam­ily in their time of need.”

SAFE Haven was orig­i­nally imple­mented at the Humane Soci­ety of Berks County as a way to help vic­tims of domes­tic vio­lence flee their abusers by pro­vid­ing fos­ter care to pets who could not be taken into domes­tic vio­lence shel­ters. The pro­gram has since expanded and now includes those effected by per­sonal cat­a­stro­phe such as a fire or flood, patients requir­ing a stay at a hos­pi­tal or rehab facil­ity with a prog­no­sis for recov­ery and mil­i­tary per­son­nel on tem­po­rary assign­ment or relo­ca­tion, among oth­ers. “Since the Humane League and the Humane Soci­ety of Berks offi­cially merged at the end of last year, we’ve been really excited to bring and expand some of our pro­grams in Lan­caster,” stated Minor.

SAFE Haven pro­vides tem­po­rary hous­ing either at Humane Pennsylvania’s ani­mal shel­ter net­work, the largest in Penn­syl­va­nia, or by a net­work of ded­i­cated pet fos­ter homes. In addi­tion to shel­ter, pets receive food, pet sup­plies, and basic vac­ci­na­tions and med­ical care all at no cost to the pet’s owner. Those requir­ing SAFE Haven ser­vices are gen­er­ally referred by emer­gency man­age­ment agen­cies, gov­ern­ment health and wel­fare agen­cies, domes­tic vio­lence cen­ters, or hos­pi­tals. The pro­gram has been rec­og­nized as a “Gov­ern­ment Inno­va­tion” pro­gram by Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Any orga­ni­za­tion wish­ing to part­ner with SAFE Haven or any indi­vid­ual with any ques­tions, should con­tact  the Humane League of Lan­caster County at (717) 393-6551.

HLLC will be closed for the Trot!

September 19, 2014

The Humane League of Lan­caster County will be closed on Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 21st, but you can join us and a few of our adopt­able dogs at our 25th Annual Tailwagger’s Trot in Buchanan Park, 905 Buchanan Avenue (cor­ner of Buchanan & Race Avenues)
Lan­caster, PA. Reg­is­tra­tion begins at 10:00 AM and the Trot kicks off at 11:00 AM! The Trot is free and open to the pub­lic, so grab your friends and fam­ily and enjoy a one mile walk fol­lowed by fun activ­i­ties in the park until 3PM!

We can’t wait for you to take part in this year’s activ­i­ties includ­ing fun canine con­tests, pet trivia, raffles, dozens of ven­dors offer­ing dog treats & sup­plies, arts & crafts, enjoy the soul­ful musi­cal stylings of Jen­nifer Ann Vrooman and more! Deli­cious food ven­dors this year include J.R’s Brisket, Lancaster County Soft Pret­zels, Scoops Ice Cream & GrilleSnack Attack Vend­ing, LLC. & Hot Dog CartMad DashBricker’s Famous French Fries, and Urban Olive! Make sure you stock up on our super cool HLLC mer­chan­dise, meet some adorable, adopt­able dogs, bring your pup over to the The Com­plete Canine Cen­ter agility course, watch the Sher­iff Dog Demon­stra­tion by Cor­po­ral Bolton & Ronin, have a ses­sion with Heav­enly Talks with Cyn­thia and lots more! There’s so much to do and more than a thou­sand ani­mal lovers like your­self to mix and min­gle with! We hope to see you there!

September Foster Volunteer of the Month: Etnoyer Family

September 2, 2014

foster pic 5 We are so proud to share with you our Sep­tem­ber Vol­un­teer of the Month, the Etnoyer Fam­ily, a ded­i­cated fos­ter care fam­ily for over 11 years!  They’ve gone above and beyond for our most vul­ner­a­ble ani­mals in need, and it’s so inspir­ing to the fel­low staff and vol­un­teers to hear not only how much they love fos­ter care, but they are also a great exam­ple of how fos­ter care is a great way to get the whole fam­ily involved in sav­ing lives.

foster pic 4Denise first decided to become involved with the fos­ter care pro­gram because, as a mother with young chil­dren, it was dif­fi­cult for her to find time to phys­i­cally come to the shel­ter to vol­un­teer.  Fos­ter­ing pro­vided a way for Denise, her hus­band, and their chil­dren to help the ani­mals.  As Denise stated, “We were hooked after our first lit­ter of kit­tens and have been fos­ter­ing ever since!”

Denise goes on to say, “Fos­ter­ing allows us to help raise under­age ani­mals that most peo­ple don’t nor­mally get the oppor­tu­nity to see. It’s a great learn­ing expe­ri­ence for my kids since we have helped raise new­born pup­pies and moms, new­born kit­tens and moms, under­age pup­pies and under­age kit­tens.  It’s very hard to say good bye to all the babies but it’s a great feel­ing know­ing that their start in life was in our lov­ing and car­ing home.”
foster pic 1The Humane League would like to thank the Etnoyer fam­ily for all of their hard work and ded­i­ca­tion to the Fos­ter Care Pro­gram and the ani­mals that we serve. Thanks to the count­less times they’ve opened their hearts and homes to ani­mals in need, respond­ing to a call to action again and again, so many of our furry friends now have a lov­ing for­ever home to call their own.  This truly is a price­less gift, and we can’t thank the Etnoyer fam­ily enough for all they make pos­si­ble!  We look for­ward to many years with this animal-loving fam­ily by our side, sav­ing lives!

foster pic 2For more infor­ma­tion about how you can become involved in this life sav­ing pro­gram, please con­tact Becki Meiss, Vice Pres­i­dent of Oper­a­tions, at or (717) 393-6551 ext. 230.

Don’t have the time or abil­ity to fos­ter right now? Con­sider donat­ing cat lit­ter, canned kit­ten food, or puppy teething toys for our fos­ter care pro­gram participants!

HLLC will be closed on Labor Day

August 29, 2014

The Humane League of Lan­caster County will be closed on Mon­day, Sep­tem­ber 1st, in honor of Labor Day. From all the staff at the HLLC, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!


August Volunteer of the Month: The Savin Family

August 8, 2014

foster pic 1We are so proud to announce the Savin Fam­ily as our August Vol­un­teers of the Month!  The Humane League fos­ter care pro­gram offers a life-saving sec­ond chance to ani­mals in need, and it is thanks to our fos­ter fam­i­lies open­ing their hearts and homes that these sec­ond chances are made pos­si­ble.    

Dur­ing the spring and sum­mer months, the HLLC depends on its fos­ter fam­i­lies to help us save lives by pro­vid­ing a tem­po­rary place to stay and lots of lov­ing care for kit­tens who have come into the shel­ter but are too young to go up for adop­tion. This month, we would like to rec­og­nize one of our new fos­ter fam­i­lies for their hard work and ded­i­ca­tion to this vital pro­gram - the Savin family!

The Savin fam­ily heard about the HLLC’s Fos­ter Care Pro­gram through fam­ily friends who are also fos­ter par­ents.  The Savin’s set up an intro­duc­tory meet­ing at the shel­ter to learn more about get­ting involved and they quickly took home their first fos­ter group, a momma cat and her kit­tens. After that, they were hooked! The family’s favorite part of fos­ter­ing is “get­ting to live and play with adorable, fuzzy kit­tens for a few weeks at a time.”

As a fos­ter fam­ily, the Savin fam­ily makes sure their kit­ten charges receive all the love, snug­gles and care they need until they are ready for the next big step...adoption into a for­ever home filled with love!

We would like to extend our sin­cere appre­ci­a­tion to the Savin Fam­ily, as well as the other fos­ter par­ents, both old and new, who work hard to give these young kit­tens a great start in life!

Humane League of Lancaster County & Friendship Heart Gallery Join Forces to Celebrate First Friday!

July 30, 2014

As part of the City of Lancaster’s First Fri­day event series, the Humane League of Lan­caster County and the Friend­ship Heart Gallery are pleased to announce that they have formed a part­ner­ship to help raise aware­ness about the work of their respec­tive non-profit orga­ni­za­tions. This Fri­day, August 1, 2014, from 5 to 8:30 p.m., the Friend­ship Heart Gallery will not only be home to art­work cre­ated by their artists with devel­op­ment and intel­lec­tual dis­abil­i­ties, but will also be the tem­po­rary home of sev­eral Humane League of Lan­caster County ani­mals avail­able for adop­tion. In addi­tion, the Friend­ship Heart Gallery has out­fit­ted the Humane League of Lan­caster County’s facil­ity with mul­ti­ple works from their pro­gram artists for the dura­tion of the month of August.

“Any­time you can part­ner with another non-profit orga­ni­za­tion to raise aware­ness about the fine work they are doing, as well as pro­mote the great work we are cur­rently doing, it’s a no-brainer,” said Karel Minor, President/CEO of Humane Penn­syl­va­nia, the Humane League of Lan­caster County’s par­ent orga­ni­za­tion. The Humane League of Lan­caster County hopes that atten­dees of the Friend­ship Heart Gallery, in addi­tion to pur­chas­ing animal-related art­work for their home, might also adopt a pet. As part of the prepa­ra­tion, the artists of Friend­ship Heart Gallery have been actively devel­op­ing animal-related art work, all of which will be avail­able for sale either at the Friend­ship Heart Gallery or Humane League of Lan­caster County facilities.

  • What:              Part­ner­ship with the Humane League of Lan­caster County & The Friend­ship Heart Gallery for the City of Lancaster’s First Fri­day Event Series
  • Where:            Steeple View Lofts, 118 North Water St., Suite 101, Lan­caster, PA 17603
  • When:             Fri­day, August 1, 2014 from 5 – 8:30 p.m. & through­out August

Since 1917, the Humane League of Lan­caster County has been rec­og­nized as the area’s leader in ani­mal wel­fare. The organization’s ded­i­cated staff and vol­un­teers pro­vide com­pas­sion and care to thou­sands of com­pan­ion ani­mals every year through a vari­ety of ser­vices. The Humane League of Lan­caster County is a part of Humane Penn­syl­va­nia, the largest net­work of ani­mal wel­fare facil­i­ties in Penn­syl­va­nia. More infor­ma­tion can be found at www​.humanepa​.org

Friend­ship Heart Gallery is an exten­sion of the Friend­ship Com­mu­nity, which pro­vides value through artis­tic expres­sion to artists with devel­op­men­tal and intel­lec­tual disabilities.

Power outage

July 9, 2014

**UPDATE** Our power is on, and we are back to busi­ness as usual!

The HLLC lost power last night! Our staff and vol­un­teers are still here clean­ing and car­ing for the ani­mals, but we’ll be unable to process adop­tions. Our power is expected to be restored around 5 pm this evening, we hope to be back to nor­mal oper­a­tions tomor­row at 11 am.


July 2, 2014

The Humane League of Lan­caster County will be closed on Fri­day, July 4th. From all the staff at the HLLC, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

Declaration of Independence Adoption Weekend

July 2, 2014

Join us for fam­ily fun in Phoenixville on July 4th, for Phoenixville’s First Fri­day cel­e­bra­tion with live music, the­atri­cal per­for­mances, and local artists.  And what bet­ter way to kick off the hol­i­day week­end than to DECLARE that all cats and kit­tens are FREE to a Great Home?  The Bor­ough of Phoenixville’s First Fri­day begins at 6 pm, but at The Humane Soci­ety Phoenixville, free adop­tions com­mence at noon and con­tinue through 8 pm.  Take part in the spirit of the hol­i­day and help us to lib­er­ate pets from home­less­ness – a ven­ture of which Thomas Jef­fer­son would surely approve!

While the Fourth of July fes­tiv­i­ties in Phoenixville only last one day, we don’t believe in lim­it­ing the cel­e­bra­tion. The week­end con­tin­ues with fun in Read­ing at the Humane Soci­ety of Berks County on Sun­day, July 6th, from 10 am through 4 pm. Stop by to par­tic­i­pate in games, win prizes, enjoy ice cream (gra­ciously donated by the Carvel located on 5th St. High­way in Read­ing), and adopt a new pet.  All cats and kit­tens are FREE to a Great Home and all dogs are just $17.76.  Cel­e­brate free­dom by adopt­ing a shel­ter pet!

This adop­tion pro­mo­tion will take place across all Humane Penn­syl­va­nia loca­tions, with $17.76 dog adop­tion fees from July 5th through July 11th and free cat adop­tions through­out the sum­mer. (Please note – spe­cial activ­i­ties are lim­ited to the loca­tions and dates listed above). The Humane Soci­ety of Berks County has two loca­tions, in Read­ing and Dou­glassville, and has cats, dogs, and crit­ters avail­able for adop­tion. Like the HSBC, the Humane League of Lan­caster County offers a vari­ety of cats and dogs for adop­tion. The Humane Soci­ety Phoenixville fea­tures a unique twist to adop­tion - the Art Deska Gallery, where adopters can meet with avail­able cats in an art-filled set­ting. Ani­mals in all loca­tions have a 30-day Adop­tion Health Guarantee.

To view the vari­ety of cats avail­able for adop­tion at our four loca­tions, visit www​.berk​shu​mane​.org and www​.humane​league​.com.

June Volunteer of the Month - Carolyn Lyng

June 18, 2014

The Humane League is so excited to high­light Car­olyn Lyng as a June Vol­un­teer of the Month!  If you want to meet a woman on a mis­sion who has a heart of gold who is will­ing to go to the moon and back to help ani­mals in need, then Car­olyn is who you are look­ing for!  Carolyn brings a tremen­dous wealth of per­sonal expe­ri­ence in ani­mal wel­fare and admin­is­tra­tion, as well as a gen­uine love for the ani­mals she works so hard to help.

Car­olyn joined the dog walk­ing pro­gram in Novem­ber 2013 and has been a weekly mem­ber of the dog walk­ing team ever since.  This may have been the cold­est, snowiest, ici­est win­ter, but that didn’t slow Car­olyn down, as she was still here for the dogs, bun­dled head to toe and ready to make sure they had their play time and snuggles.  To see this ded­i­ca­tion in action, truly is an inspi­ra­tion to the staff & vol­un­teers, and we can’t imag­ine the dog walk­ing pro­gram with­out her!

Most recently, Car­olyn became the Vol­un­teer Pro­gram Man­age­ment Intern here at the Humane League, and this oppor­tu­nity is allow­ing her to con­nect her pro­fes­sional admin­is­tra­tive back­ground to the Humane League vol­un­teer pro­gram, and we can’t help but count our lucky stars to have her on board!  As a Vol­un­teer Pro­gram Man­age­ment Intern Car­olyn is directly involved with the daily oper­a­tions of the 300+ vol­un­teer pro­gram in every aspect from the new vol­un­teer wel­com­ing process, research, sched­ul­ing, and so much more!  Carolyn has jumped right into tak­ing on the project of stream­lin­ing the vol­un­teer sched­ule process by learn­ing the ins and outs of our vol­un­teer man­age­ment soft­ware – vol­un­teers stay tuned for excit­ing updates and infor­ma­tion com­ing shortly!  With years of pro­fes­sional expe­ri­ence in logis­tics, pro­gram devel­op­ment, assess­ment, and more you can bet Car­olyn is such an impor­tant part of mak­ing sure the Humane League has the best vol­un­teer pro­gram around and is doing the best for our volunteers!

In addi­tion to all this, Car­olyn has also been a Fos­ter Fam­ily, and is always research­ing & excited to share ideas about how we can all do bet­ter for ani­mals by stay­ing updated about what is going on for ani­mals not only across Lan­caster County, but in ani­mal wel­fare overall.   For Car­olyn, it all comes back to the ani­mals and help­ing her fel­low vol­un­teers and staff, and we can’t thank her enough!

Thank you Car­olyn – you are truly an inspi­ra­tion to us all!

HLLC Will Be Closed on Memorial Day

May 21, 2014

The Humane League will be closed on Mon­day, May 26th in honor of the Memo­r­ial Day Hol­i­day. From all of the staff at the HLLC, we wish you a Happy Memo­r­ial Day!


April 29, 2014

Begin­ning April 28th and run­ning through May 31st, 2014, the part­ner shel­ters of Humane Penn­syl­va­nia in Lan­caster, Read­ing, Phoenixville, and Dou­glassville are offer­ing a two-for-one adop­tion spe­cial. Set in the Roar-r-ring Twen­ties, this adop­tion pro­mo­tion encour­ages fam­i­lies to con­sider adding one of our styl­ish felines to their home. To a home­less cat every home is a man­sion, and you most cer­tainly can buy love at the Humane Soci­ety of Berks County, the Humane League of Lan­caster County, and the Humane Soci­ety Phoenixville with our adop­tion spe­cial. Only have room for one cat? Friends don’t let friends adopt alone! Friends who come in together can each adopt a cat and split the adoption fee.

This adop­tion pro­mo­tion kicks off as the warmer weather brings an increase in the num­ber of home­less cats at ani­mal shel­ters through­out the com­mu­nity. Luck­ily for those home­less pets, the part­ner agen­cies of Humane Penn­syl­va­nia have the capa­bil­ity to have an enor­mous impact across the entire region through work­ing together. This adop­tion pro­mo­tion is in effect through­out all of the part­ner shel­ters in Read­ing, Lan­caster, Dou­glassville and Phoenixville. The Great Catsby Adop­tion event is the first multi-county cat adop­tion event in this area, a truly life sav­ing inno­va­tion. “Through com­bin­ing the adop­tion pro­grams and uti­liz­ing the resources of shel­ters across county lines we can have an even greater life sav­ing impact.” states Mr. Karel Minor, President/CEO of Humane Pennsylvania.

With mul­ti­ple loca­tions to choose from, adopters have an even wider choice of options for find­ing a new cat or cats to adopt. The Great Catsby Adop­tion event coin­cides with the Humane Soci­ety of Berks County’s Art for Arf’s Sake Art Auc­tion, which also has a Great Gatsby theme. The pro­ceeds from the art auc­tion ben­e­fit the cats and dogs of our shel­ters, from car­ing for home­less pets to mak­ing high qual­ity vet­eri­nary care avail­able to thou­sands of pets each year. The Humane Soci­ety of Berks County has two loca­tions, in Read­ing and Dou­glassville, and an open admis­sion pol­icy ensur­ing a larger num­ber of avail­able cats to choose from. The Humane Soci­ety Phoenixville fea­tures the Art Deska Gallery, so adopters can meet with avail­able cats for adop­tion in an art filled set­ting. The Humane League of Lan­caster County offers a vari­ety of cats for adop­tion, now with the same 30-day Adop­tion Health Guar­an­tee as the other partner shelters.

There are many ben­e­fits to hav­ing mul­ti­ple cats. They can pro­vide each other with exer­cise and social inter­ac­tion.  Cats fre­quently ben­e­fit from the com­pany of another feline, and are less likely to be destruc­tive when they have another cat to play with. Some of our cats come into the shel­ter already very bonded with each other, and adopt­ing them together guar­an­tees a good match! Intro­duc­ing new felines can go well with just a few easy tips, and staff at each part­ner shel­ter will be happy to share tips and sug­ges­tions for help­ing your new felines set­tle right into their swell new digs.

For more infor­ma­tion on the ben­e­fits of adopt­ing pairs of cats, or to see the vari­ety of cats avail­able for adop­tion at the four loca­tions visit www​.humane​league​.com and www​.berk​shu​mane​.org.

About the Humane Penn­syl­va­nia: The vision of the Humane Penn­syl­va­nia is to ensure that all ani­mals and peo­ple have access to the sup­port and ser­vices they need to live happy, healthy and ful­fill­ing lives.  Since 1900, Humane Penn­syl­va­nia and its part­ners have been lead­ers in ani­mal wel­fare.  Oper­at­ing adop­tions cen­ters, vet­eri­nary clin­ics, an equine res­cue facil­ity and pub­lic dog park, Humane Penn­syl­va­nia is the largest net­work of ani­mal wel­fare facil­i­ties in Penn­syl­va­nia, serv­ing tens of thou­sands of ani­mals across Penn­syl­va­nia each year.  For more infor­ma­tion, visit www​.humanepa​.org

Heart & Soul Volunteer: Rosalba Finazzo

April 24, 2014

Rosalba and BubbaThe Humane League of Lan­caster County is so excited to announce that Ros­alba Finazzo is a Heart & Soul Vol­un­teer of the Year! Ros­alba started vol­un­teer­ing in April 2013 and has become such an impor­tant part of the Humane League fam­ily that we can’t believe Ros­alba hasn’t been with us longer than a year, but this just goes to show you how much love she brings to every­thing she does for the ani­mals, staff, and her fel­low volunteers!

Ros­alba is a dog lover through and through, and noth­ing beats Rosalba’s smile and laugh­ter as she romps around with the dogs in the play yard or on a walk – her pure love and pas­sion for mak­ing the days brighter for our shel­ter dogs lights up the whole place and has a way of get­ting every­one around her caught up in the fun, too! Ros­alba is lit­er­ally up for any­thing that will make a dog’s day better…and that can get pretty inter­est­ing here at the Humane League! Ros­alba has reg­u­larly ded­i­cated sev­eral days/week at the Humane League giv­ing the dogs extra long play yard ses­sions, hours at a time, and despite spend­ing those hours run­ning around play­ing fetch, teach­ing the dogs to use the agility equip­ment, splash­ing around in the dog pools, and of course, mak­ing sure they are show­ered with love and snug­gles, you’ll find her smil­ing and bub­bling over with excite­ment to tell you all about her dog adven­tures. Ros­alba has helped with our Canine Enrich­ment Pro­gram, where she spends time mak­ing puz­zle toys, icy treat toys, spe­cial games dur­ing feed­ing times, and other cre­ative ways to keep the dogs hav­ing fun. On top of all this, Rosalba’s strong con­nec­tion to the dogs and han­dling skills make her one of our “go-to” vol­un­teers to work on behav­ior plans for dogs who need extra sup­port, and we know with Ros­alba on the case, we’ll get full reports and the dogs have a cheer­leader every step of the way as they learn impor­tant skills that will give them the best paw for­ward with their new family.

Ros­alba has become of our reg­u­lar “Canine Field Trip” vol­un­teers, often com­ing in every week, to take a spe­cial dog to enjoy a fun day of adven­ture out and about Lan­caster County! This field trip pro­gram is not only fun for the vol­un­teers and dogs, but it pro­vides a very real ben­e­fit – keeps the dogs happy and less stressed, gives them an adop­tion boost, and col­lects impor­tant infor­ma­tion about the dogs for fel­low staff and vol­un­teers. Ros­alba has a sweet spot for longer-term res­i­dents and those high energy dogs who need an extra out­let, and loves to fea­ture these dogs on her field trips. Ros­alba also is cre­ative and has a love of pho­tog­ra­phy that make her excel at cap­tur­ing the dogs per­son­al­i­ties on their Field Trips. If you fol­low the Humane League on Face­book, receive our newslet­ters, etc; chances are you’ve seen Rosalba’s beau­ti­ful pho­tos and been drawn in by their magic, just like us!

Ros­alba; on behalf of the thou­sands of dogs you’ve made a dif­fer­ence for here at the Humane League and beyond, and your fel­low vol­un­teers and staff, and for being such an inspi­ra­tion to us all, we all extend a heart­felt THANK YOU!

Heart & Soul Volunteer: Michelle Butler

April 23, 2014

Michelle and MousecopThe Humane League of Lan­caster County is so excited to announce that Michelle But­ler is a Heart & Soul Vol­un­teer of the Year!  Michelle has been a Humane League vol­un­teer since August 2012 and brings with her a love of help­ing ani­mals in need and love of vol­un­teer man­age­ment that has played a direct role in grow­ing the vol­un­teer pro­gram here at the Humane League!  With a vol­un­teer pro­gram of over 300+ vol­un­teers across pro­grams who donate over 12,000 hours each year, her impact sim­ply can’t be denied!

Michelle started as a vol­un­teer in the cat facil­ity with her two daugh­ters where they made sure the cats all had their spe­cial snug­gles, play time and treats that is such an impor­tant part of keep­ing them happy and healthy until their new fam­ily falls in love.  It’s not always as easy as it sounds – after all, liter boxes still need scooped, and laun­dry and dishes still need washed! – but whether it is cat cud­dles or clean­ing, Michelle and her daugh­ters were always will­ing to help.

In March of 2013 Michelle came on board to assist in the vol­un­teer depart­ment, and the tim­ing couldn’t have been more perfect!  With the Humane League rolling out many new shel­ter and com­mu­nity pro­grams as part of the tran­si­tion to a no kill shel­ter and expanded vol­un­teer oppor­tu­ni­ties, Michelle was there mak­ing it pos­si­ble to wel­come many new volunteers!  In fact, thanks to Michelle’s help, 2013 was the first year the Humane League was able to offer two New Vol­un­teer Infor­ma­tion Ses­sions a month!  Michelle has helped with every­thing from data entry, keep­ing vol­un­teer files updated, updat­ing the vol­un­teer e-mail list, call­ing and e-mailing vol­un­teers to sched­ule them for their Ori­en­ta­tion, and so much more.  Michelle has a love of both pro­gram devel­op­ment and vol­un­teer­ing, com­bined with a strong atten­tion – more like love! – to detail that make her excel in this role.  As the Humane League has rolled out new vol­un­teer pro­gram fea­tures such as the new online sched­ule sys­tem, Michelle has been right there with us, shar­ing her insight and ideas to keep us doing bet­ter and bet­ter, not only for the ani­mals, but our amaz­ing vol­un­teer team that keeps us going!

2014 shows no signs of slow­ing down and you can bet Michelle is by our sides help­ing us move forward!  Michelle most recently has taken on the new respon­si­bil­ity to help do new vol­un­teer meet­ings, which pro­vide the one-on-one time that answers new vol­un­teer ques­tions and matches their inter­ests and pas­sions to the best vol­un­teer oppor­tu­nity for them to get started.  While you may not have seen Michelle yet, you can bet if you are a vol­un­teer of the Humane League past, present or future, you have ben­e­fited from Michelle’s time and efforts, which truly, come straight from the heart.  On top of all this, Michelle also has one of the great­est sense of humor and is always ready for a smile that she bright­ens up our days every time we see her!

 We sim­ply couldn’t do what we do for ani­mals & pet par­ents in need with­out vol­un­teers, and we extend a heart­felt thank you to Michelle for all you do for the staff, ani­mals, and your fel­low vol­un­teers, it means the world!

Heart & Soul Volunteer: Courtney Ducey

April 22, 2014

Courtney The Humane League is so excited to announce that Court­ney Ducey is a Heart & Soul Vol­un­teer of the Year!  Courtney started vol­un­teer­ing Novem­ber 2012 and her love of ani­mals, big heart, and ready smile make her a trea­sured mem­ber of the Humane League, and we sim­ply can’t pic­ture the Humane League with­out her.

Court­ney started vol­un­teer­ing as a part of the Sat­ur­day dog walk­ing team, and from the first play ses­sion and dog snug­gle, there was no look­ing back for Courtney!  Courtney works hard to make sure all the dogs get their play time and walks that are such an impor­tant part of keep­ing the dogs happy and healthy until they find their new home.  To see Court­ney in action is to see magic, as she has a spe­cial way of con­nect­ing with the dogs and mak­ing sure she gives them all time to do what they love best, whether that is a snug­gle and hug under the gazebo, an active game of Fris­bee or fetch, splash­ing around in the pools, or walks with plenty of time to stop and see the sights along the way.  Courtney is also a mem­ber of the Humane League B.A.R.C. Pro­gram, which pro­vides spe­cial­ized train­ing to vol­un­teers work­ing with the dogs, par­tic­u­larly those who need extra sup­port. As a mem­ber of the B.A.R.C. Pro­gram Court­ney has ded­i­cated count­less hours to dogs that need extra sup­port, such as shy dogs who need help gain­ing con­fi­dence, social­iza­tion, pos­i­tive out­lets for the many active, exu­ber­ant dogs that need to burn off moun­tains of energy, and so much more. Courtney is always ready to go the extra mile needed for the dogs, and is right there cel­e­brat­ing with the staff & her fel­low vol­un­teers when they finally have their very own fam­ily to love!  Courtney is also a Vol­un­teer Men­tor for the dog facil­ity, where she wel­comes and trains new vol­un­teers with the dogs, shar­ing her knowl­edge and pas­sion, and over and over again her new trainees have glow­ing reviews about their train­ing ses­sions with her!

Last year Court­ney joined the Dog Facil­ity Adop­tion Team, where she works closely with the staff on all steps of the adop­tion process.  She’s always ready with a friendly smile for vis­i­tors, talks up the dogs, helps with meet & greets, and through­out has a wealth of per­sonal infor­ma­tion about the dogs to share with their new adopters.  The dog facil­ity can be a very busy place, and Courtney’s friendly smile and great cus­tomer ser­vice, go a long way to make vis­i­tors feel com­fort­able and enjoy their expe­ri­ence adopting!

When the Humane League launched our Canine Field Trip Pro­gram for the shel­ter dogs in the fall of 2013, Court­ney was one of our first vol­un­teers to sign up to become involved, and would come in through­out the week to give the dogs an extra spe­cial field trip around town.  Together they would do every­thing from take a romp in the park, hik­ing trails, a swim in the river, and so much more.  Plus, it seemed every time she came back from a Field Trip, her dog had an extra spe­cial toy or treat they picked up on their out­ing together!

Court­ney – you are an inspi­ra­tion to every­one around you, and with your time you have given a price­less gift to so many, and we can’t thank you enough!

Heart & Soul Volunteer: Roger Gordon

April 21, 2014

Roger and RupertThe Humane League of Lan­caster County is so proud to announce that Roger Gor­don is a Heart & Soul Vol­un­teer of the Year! Roger started vol­un­teer­ing at the Humane League in Decem­ber of 2012 and his energy, excite­ment and love shines through in every­thing he does and truly is an inspi­ra­tion to every­one around him.

Roger vol­un­teers as a part of our morn­ing Ken­nel Crew team 1 – 2 days each week, with shifts start­ing at 7 a.m., where he works as a team with the staff and fel­low vol­un­teers on the morn­ing clean­ing rou­tine – piles of laun­dry & dishes, mak­ing sure the cats & the dogs all have fresh blan­kets, toys, treats & more to start the day off right – plus is always will­ing to jump in with any sur­prise projects of the day, no mat­ter how dirty. In fact, Roger’s smile and enthu­si­asm have a way of mak­ing these projects full of fun and lucky is the staff that gets to spend their shifts with Roger! Roger has an extra­or­di­nary atten­tion to detail and sense of respon­si­bil­ity, so it wasn’t long before Roger was lead­ing the morn­ing clean­ing in the cat facil­ity, get­ting a jump start to the day for our feline friends. When Roger is in, not only can we rest assured the cat facil­ity clean­ing projects are in good hands, of course the cats are too with loads of cud­dles and snug­gles. To make this pos­si­ble, Roger splits his work shifts to allow him to take a break (yes, his day starts ear­lier than 7 a.m.!) to come in to vol­un­teer and help the lucky staff & ani­mals at the Humane League!

Roger is always will­ing to help with all kinds of projects that pop up unex­pect­edly, such as pick­ing up pal­lets of donated dog food that will go towards help­ing pets and pet par­ents in need, haul­ing away wash­ers and dry­ers that have given their last load of laun­dry a whirl, Ser­vice Day yard work days rak­ing up dozens upon dozens of leaves, and so much more. Most recently Roger has joined our team of ded­i­cated Vol­un­teer Men­tors in the cat facil­ity where he is able to share his pas­sion about vol­un­teer­ing with new vol­un­teers to help them get started on their own jour­ney. Roger will go to the ends of the earth for what he loves, and we are so incred­i­bly thank­ful to have Roger by our side and look for­ward to many excit­ing years ahead with Roger! On behalf of the thou­sands of ani­mals you’ve been a part of help­ing and the count­less days you’ve bright­ened for the Humane League staff & vol­un­teers – THANK YOU ROGER!

The HLLC Will Be Closed Easter Sunday

April 18, 2014

The Humane League will be closed on Sun­day, April 20th in honor of the Easter Hol­i­day. From all of the staff at the HLLC, we wish you a Happy Easter!


Introducing: Free To A Great Home Adoption Program!

March 20, 2014

Adop­tion fees will now be waived for older pets and long-term residents!

Pre­vi­ously, only our senior cats have been free to a good home, but we are excited to announce that we are expand­ing the pro­gram to be in line with the nation­ally rec­og­nized Free To A Great Home adop­tion incen­tive pro­gram! This award-winning pro­gram was first intro­duced by sis­ter shel­ter, Humane Soci­ety of Berks County in 2005 and con­tin­ues to be an active pro­gram at their shel­ter today. The HLLC hopes that this expanded pro­gram will help even more pets be quickly adopted into lov­ing homes, mak­ing more resources avail­able to help a greater num­ber pets in our community.

How the pro­gram works:

-   Inter­ested adopters go through the nor­mal adop­tion screen­ing process.
-   If approved for adop­tion, any dog eight years and over and any cat eleven years and over are adopted at no charge.  Also, any cat or dog which has been up for adop­tion for eight weeks or more may be adopted at no charge through the FTAGH pro­gram!
-   Adopters receive all the same ben­e­fits and respon­si­bil­i­ties as reg­u­lar adopters.

We’ve also updated all of our adop­tion and intake fees! 

Humane League of Lancaster County Offers Innovative 30-Day Adoption Health Guarantee

March 4, 2014

The Humane League of Lan­caster County is proud to announce that every cat and dog adopted at the Humane League of Lan­caster County’s adop­tion cen­ter or at any satel­lite adop­tion cen­ter will now receive our exclu­sive 30 Day Adop­tion Health Guar­an­tee.  This inno­v­a­tive pro­gram pro­vides adopted pets with com­plete cov­er­age for a wide vari­ety of com­mon canine and feline illnesses.

“Our goal is to pro­vide adopters and their pets with the best pos­si­ble health care and to avoid adop­tion returns due to uncom­mon but sim­ple and treat­able ill­nesses,” explains Karel Minor, Pres­i­dent of the Humane League of Lan­caster County. “This cut­ting edge ani­mal wel­fare pro­gram makes the choice of adopt­ing a pet eas­ier and more acces­si­ble to area fam­i­lies, so we can help even more home­less pets tran­si­tion from the shel­ter to adop­tive homes.”

This pro­gram, the first of its kind in Lan­caster County, is focused on increas­ing adop­tions and decreas­ing the num­ber of pets who might be returned for treat­able ill­nesses which could eas­ily be treated through this pro­gram. For more infor­ma­tion of the 30 Day Adop­tion Health Guar­an­tee, includ­ing the list of cov­ered ill­nesses, visit www​.humane​league​.com.  As part of this pro­gram within the first 30 days after adop­tion The Humane League of Lan­caster County Ani­mal Hos­pi­tal will pro­vide adopted pets with a com­pli­men­tary Over­all Well­ness Exam on the new pet.

Two Hour Delay on March 3rd

March 2, 2014

Due to the antic­i­pated slip­pery con­di­tions tomor­row morn­ing, the Humane League of Lan­caster will be oper­at­ing on a two hour delay. Adop­tion hours will start at 1PM on Mon­day, March 3rd. Please be safe!


Public Policy for Animals Seminar

February 25, 2014

Please join us at 7 pm on Thurs­day evening at the Humane Soci­ety of Berks County Lindy Scholar Cen­ter in Read­ing for an HSUS sem­i­nar pre­sented by for­mer Penn­syl­va­nia State Sen­a­tor Roy Affler­bach. Atten­dance is free, but please RSVP to ensure ade­quate space and materials.

Open for regular hours today

February 14, 2014

The Humane League will be open for reg­u­lar adop­tion hours today, Feb­ru­ary 14, 2014. Come meet your new furry Valentine!

HLLC Closed - 2/13/2014

February 12, 2014

Due to the impend­ing snow­storm, the Humane League of Lan­caster will be closed tomor­row, 2/13/2014!

HLLC CLOSED - 2/5/2014

February 5, 2014

The Humane League of Lan­caster County is closed today! Please be safe and stay warm!

Join Us For First Friday at Humane Society Phoenixville

February 3, 2014

You are invited to the Feb­ru­ary First Fri­day Art Exhi­bi­tion!

Feb­ru­ary 7th from 5-7 pm at the Humane Soci­ety Phoenixville

This First Fri­day is a great oppor­tu­nity to meet our CEO, Mr. Karel Minor. Please stop by to see the work of our fea­tured artist, visit with some kit­ties, and learn more about our excit­ing new ani­mal wel­fare ini­tia­tives in your community. There will be light food as well as beer and wine pro­vided. We hope to see you there!

Fea­tured artist for Feb­ru­ary is Berks County-based artist Matthew Mazurkiewicz. He is widely-recognized for his mas­tery of cre­at­ing a fleet­ing moment through his artis­tic and abstract flex­i­bil­ity. Hav­ing spent much of his adult life cre­at­ing art in many of its var­i­ous forms, Mazurkiewicz’s recent body of work high­lights both his process and his com­mand of media. Employ­ing every­thing from house­hold paint, char­coal, roof­ing tar, and what­ever else will stick to his can­vas, Mazurkiewicz implores the viewer not only to see what he has seen, but also to imag­ine the touch, taste, and scent of the mate­r­ial and sub­ject as well.


Where: Humane Soci­ety Phoenixville, Art Deska Gallery

12 S Main St, Phoenixville, PA19464

When:  Feb. 7, 2014
What Time: 5pm to 7pm

To learn more about the Humane Soci­ety Phoenixville, visit http://​berk​shu​mane​.org/



You are Invited to Leo’s Birthday and Art Show

January 28, 2014

You are invited to Leo’s Birth­day and Art Show

Come enjoy an awe­some evening of arts and music in honor of our friend, Leo the res­cue dog! Help sup­port a great cause at this fam­ily and dog friendly event! This event is free but atten­dees are encour­aged to bring a dona­tion from the HLLC wish­list or make a finan­cial dona­tion at the door!

There is lots of free park­ing, food catered by Splits and Gig­gles Ice Cream, and Darrenkamp’s Fam­ily Mar­kets. 

Artists: Lisa Madenspacher, Pho­tOle, Paris Wyatt Llanso, Stephen Gam­bone, The Potomac Bead Co., My Best Friend’s Paw­stry LLC., Miesse Can­dies, Ser­gio Riera, Melody Pet Pho­tog­ra­phy, Dana Stacey, and Con­estoga Creek Pot­tery. 

Event Spon­sors: 
Nat­ural Stoneworks
Don & Mary Senft

Car­ole Kirch­ner 

Gra­maco Gran­ite and Mar­ble 

DJ Aquatomix

% of sales goes to sup­port the HLLC: credit, cash, check accepted 

Ques­tions: email Joe Hess at

where: Nat­ural Stoneworks, 455 Ice Ave. Lan­caster Pa 17602

when: March 22, 2014 from 5pm to 8pm

why: help raise funds for the home­less ani­mals at the HLLC!

Save the Date for Wags and Whiskers 2014!

January 23, 2014

Be sure to mark your cal­en­dars, because you do not want to miss this year’s Wags and Whiskers! The Trust Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter will be trans­formed into a gala of glitz and glamor hosted by the renowned, Mr. Gatsby .

You are Invited

I would be hon­ored if you would join me on
April 25th, 2014 for the Humane League
of Lan­caster County’s Wags & Whiskers
event. A for­mal invite is to come! I
sin­cerely look for­ward to see­ing you then.
- Jay Gatsby (and HLLC staff)

When: April 25th, 2014

Where: The Trust Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter, 37 N. Mar­ket Street, Lan­caster, Pa 17603

What time: 5pm to 9pm

Why: Raise funds for the home­less ani­mals of Lan­caster County and indulge your­self in music, drink, food and dance! Remem­ber glitz, glamor,& fun will be the key words of the evening, but do not even men­tion the word moderation!

Tick­ets: Are not on sale yet, but don’t for­get to mark your cal­en­dars for this event!

More infor­ma­tion: con­tact Joe Hess at or call 717 393-6551 ext. 223

Temperatures are Droppping and so are our doggie outwear prices!

January 23, 2014

You already know that the tem­per­a­ture is drop­ping, but did you know so are the prices of our canine out­er­wear? Help your canine friend stay warm even dur­ing the snowiest and cold­est of days, by buy­ing him/her styl­ish out­er­wear. All dog out­er­wear is now reduced to $10 for any size or style!

Our hours are Sun­day through Sat­ur­day, 11am to 5pm, so why not stop by! Hurry styles and quan­ti­ties are limited!