• 24th Annual Tailwagger’s Trot

    Thank You For a Won­der­ful 24th Annual Tailwagger’s Trot

    We would like to thank every­one who made the Tailwagger’s Trot a huge suc­cess! The weather was fan­tas­tic for the one mile Trot around Buchanan Park, but that was just the start to an amaz­ing day! At noon the days fes­tiv­i­ties began! This included a wide range of crafts peo­ple, ven­dors, and ani­mal res­cue groups: Heav­enly Talks with Cyn­thia, Oscars Pet Resort, Krei­der Farms, Cocker Spaniel Adop­tion Cen­ter, K-9 and Friends Bak­ery, Joys Salty Dog Saloon, Lan­caster County Cat Res­cue, Ruff Ruff Reuse, Classy Glass Shop, Buster’s Bis­cuit Pantry, United Against Puppy Mills, Wil­low Street Pic­tures, United Dis­abil­i­ties Services/Service Dogs, Lori Luck­en­baugh pet prod­ucts, Taste­fully Sim­ple, ItWorks, Rais­ing Aid for Dogs at Risk, Thirty-One Gifts, For Every Home, Dog­gies for Dia­betes, and Bom Bed­ers were just a few!

    After the Trot many of our trot­ters found them­selves tempted by the deli­cious smells of french fries, fun­nel cakes, ham­burg­ers and more! There were smiles and lots of antic­i­pa­tion as hun­gry trot­ters waited in line for the food ven­dors, which included Snack Attack Vend­ing, J.R.‘s Brisket, Naters Taters, Urban Olive, Gram­mies Kitchen, Showal­ter Con­ces­sions (Dutch County Concessions)!

    We are work­ing hard to make sure all of the funds raised at the Tailwagger’s Trot are being processed quickly and cor­rectly. As soon as all the dona­tions are processed we will post the 2013 Top Trot­ters, Top Packs, and the total amount raised! Remem­ber all pro­ceeds go to the Ani­mal Res­cue Fund! Also, don’t for­get to scroll down the page and view our 2013 Trot Sponsors!

    Meet Choxie, the Queen of the Trot

    Hi! My name is Choxie and I am so excited and hon­ored to rep­re­sent the Humane League of Lan­caster County as the queen of the 24th Annual Tailwagger’s Trot! Besides being a ridicu­lously adorable (and hum­ble) lit­tle Doxie, I am also a for­mer res­i­dent of the Humane League. I was able to find a lov­ing for­ever home and it’s all because of the sup­port of gen­er­ous ani­mal lovers, like you!

    I may be the queen now, but life hasn’t always given me the royal treat­ment. I was born in one of those places where vis­i­tors aren’t allowed and then I was shipped away to a ken­nel to be sold. My cute­ness worked like a charm though and a very nice lady soon brought me home. But after just a few short days, a fam­ily mem­ber fell ill. With a heavy heart and a face full of tears, the nice lady brought me to the Humane League. I wasn’t sad for too long because I met my for­ever fam­ily the next day. It was love at first sight for all of us. My life seemed pretty per­fect, but before my sec­ond birth­day, my past caught up with me. Because of my poor breed­ing, I devel­oped a very rare blad­der stone. I had to endure surgery, a long recov­ery and many trips to the vet but it’s now been almost a year since my surgery, and I finally have a clean bill of health! My par­ents will always have to work to keep me healthy, but they tell me I’m worth it. I am so happy that the Humane League was not only there for my first owner when she needed place to turn, but they also helped me find a for­ever fam­ily who treats me like the queen I am.

    Behind every shel­ter animal’s cute and cud­dly face, there’s a story. By sup­port­ing the 24th Annual Tail Wagger’s Trot, you have the abil­ity to turn that story into a happy ending.

    A Recap of the Trot in 2012

    A spe­cial thank you to every­one who trot­ted, vol­un­teered, or spon­sored this event. All pro­ceeds from the Tailwagger’s Trot go to the Ani­mal Res­cue Fund.  Each year the Humane League receives hun­dreds of home­less ani­mals who are in des­per­ate need of med­ical atten­tion and care. The Ani­mal Res­cue Fund allows the Humane League to meet the needs of these ani­mals. Thank you for your support!

    A very spe­cial thank you to every­one who par­tic­i­pated in this year’s Tailwagger’s Trot. This year we raised $81,000 for the Ani­mal Res­cue Fund!

    Top Trot­ters from 2012!

    1. Sue Kirch­ner — $2576
    2. Sheryl Whet­stone — $1760
    3. Bar­bara & Vern Wright — $1090

    Top Packs from 2012!

    1. Heroes for Harold — $3715
    2. DogSports — $3653.37
    3. The Muddy Paws Gang — $3357

    What is the Tailwagger’s Trot?

    The Tailwagger’s Trot is our biggest fundrais­ing event of the year! Peo­ple from all over get pledges from their fam­ily, friends, neigh­bors, etc. and come together to trot for our community’s home­less ani­mals. Most peo­ple trot with their dogs, but we have also had peo­ple trot with their cats in strollers, their pet rat in a cozy car­rier, or their fer­ret rid­ing on their shoul­der. Last year, we even had some­one trot with their pet goat! The Trot starts at Clip­per Sta­dium and ends at Buchanan Park, where there will be family-friendly fun, enter­tain­ment, food ven­dors, and arts & crafts!

  • Become A Foster Parent

    Ani­mals who are too young or too sick to be placed up for adop­tion find refuge with our fos­ter care fam­i­lies. Fos­ter homes also pro­vide a safe haven for ani­mals who have been neglected or abused and are being held as evi­dence in ongo­ing court cases. Ani­mals who are part of our fos­ter care pro­gram ben­e­fit from the indi­vid­u­al­ized atten­tion that they receive in a home envi­ron­ment. The Humane League cur­rently has over 100 active fos­ter fam­i­lies who pro­vide care for nearly 800 ani­mals each year. Each ani­mal who is part of our unique fos­ter care pro­gram is one more home­less pet who has a sec­ond chance at find­ing a lov­ing and per­ma­nent home.

    If you would like more infor­ma­tion about our fos­ter care pro­gram or if you are inter­ested in becom­ing a fos­ter par­ent, please email foster@humaneleague.com.

    Con­nect with other fos­ter fam­i­lies and sup­port­ers on our Fos­ter Care Face­book page!

    New! Join Our Fos­ter to Home Program

    Designed to help those ani­mals who do not do well in a tra­di­tional shel­ter set­ting, the Fos­ter to Home Pro­gram will remove dogs and cats from the often stress­ful shel­ter envi­ron­ment and place them into fos­ter homes where their indi­vid­ual needs can be met. In addi­tion, the Fos­ter to Home Pro­gram will enlist fos­ter par­ents to act as adop­tion agents so that the ani­mal never has to return to the shel­ter and can tran­si­tion from the fos­ter home directly into life with his or her newly adopted fam­ily.  For more infor­ma­tion, read the detailed pro­gram descrip­tion (PDF).


    foster@humaneleague.com or (717) 393-6551 ext. 230

  • An Extraordinary Way to Raise Money for the Animal Rescue Fund

    Thank You to Every­one Who Gave a Lit­tle Extra on Novem­ber 30th! Because You Gave, $20,400 was raised for the Ani­mal Res­cue Fund!

    From every­one at the Humane League we would like to say “Thank You” for sup­port­ing our orga­ni­za­tion through the Lan­caster County Com­mu­nity Foundation’s Extra­or­di­nary Give! We are so grate­ful for the strong sup­port we received from the com­mu­nity, and the amaz­ing gen­eros­ity of all of the donors who stepped for­ward on Novem­ber 30th to make our com­mu­nity a bet­ter place! Because of sup­port­ers like you, $20,400 was raised to sup­port the Ani­mal Res­cue Fund!

    Thank you so much for giv­ing some­thing extra to our ani­mals, that addi­tional gift means a world of dif­fer­ence to a kit­ten who needs med­i­cine, or a dog in need of sur­gi­cal care. Because you gave a lit­tle EXTRA, Extra­or­di­nary Things Will Happen!

    Thank You!

    Join the Humane League of Lan­caster for One Day of Extra­or­di­nary Give and Help Us Raise Money for the Ani­mal Res­cue Fund!

    The Humane League of Lan­caster County is pleased to announce that it will be par­tic­i­pat­ing in the Lan­caster County Com­mu­nity Foundation’s Extra­or­di­nary Give this Novem­ber 30th!

    The Extra­or­di­nary Give is being hosted by the Lan­caster County Com­mu­nity Foun­da­tion (LCCF) and the event is intended to raise the level of knowl­edge about com­mu­nity ben­e­fit orga­ni­za­tions, such as the Humane League of Lan­caster County. This will be Lan­caster County’s first 24-hour online giv­ing chal­lenge. On Novem­ber 30th, donors can give online through Extra​Give​.Org and choose a Lan­caster County orga­ni­za­tion, like the Humane League, to receive their donations.

    The LCCF will increase the community’s giv­ing with a $250,000 stretch pool, as well as $50,000 in addi­tional prizes for orga­ni­za­tions. There are a vari­ety of prizes given to those orga­ni­za­tions who, for exam­ple, receive the most dona­tions ear­li­est in the give and those who receive the most indi­vid­ual gifts.

    Each orga­ni­za­tion receiv­ing dona­tions through the Extra­or­di­nary Give will receive a per­cent­age of the $250,000 stretch pool. For exam­ple, if the Humane League raises 10% of the daily total, we will receive 10% of the $250,000, as well as other pos­si­ble prizes! All dona­tions raised for the HLLC, will go to the HLLC’s Ani­mal Res­cue Fund!

    Your EXTRA gift can help us save more lives by mak­ing it pos­si­ble for us to pro­vide med­ical care to the sick and injured pets who enter our shel­ter. We are will­ing to go the EXTRA mile for them, but we need your help to make it possible!

    On Novem­ber 30th Join Joe Hess for Extraordinary Fun!

    Meet HLLC Events Coor­di­na­tor, Joe Hess, on Novem­ber 30th, the night of Extra­or­di­nary Give! He will be vis­it­ing a vari­ety of restau­rants through­out the evening to accept your gen­er­ous Extra Ordi­nary Give dona­tions! He will be at Fenz Restau­rant 5pm to 6pm, Greenfield Restau­rant and Bar 6pm to 7pm, and  Annie Bailey’s from 7pm to 10pm!  Ma(i)son will be pro­mot­ing the Extra­or­di­nary Give, too!  There will be com­put­ers on site at all loca­tions,  so your trans­ac­tion can be done on the spot. As a thank you for your dona­tion, you will receive a coupon for 15% off your next check at any of the four restau­rants (valid 1-1-13 through 1-31-13 Mon­day  through Thurs­day for up to four guests, exclud­ing alco­hol) and you will get a free HLLC t-shirt, while sup­plies last!

    Your EXTRA gift can help us save more lives by mak­ing it pos­si­ble for us to pro­vide med­ical care to the sick and injured pets who enter our shel­ter. We are will­ing to go the EXTRA mile for them, but we need your help to make it possible!

    An Extra­or­di­nary Gift

    When you donate on Novem­ber 30th to the Humane League through the Lan­caster County Com­mu­nity Foun­da­tion, the Humane League will give you a free t-shirt! It is our way of say­ing thanks!

    You will receive a free t-shirt for each indi­vid­ual dona­tion made on Novem­ber 30th dur­ing the Extra­or­di­nary Give. Please bring proof of dona­tion to the Humane League from Novem­ber 30th to Decem­ber 15th to claim your t-shirt (while sup­plies last). Thanks and happy giving!

    Gary’s Extra­or­di­nary Story


    Gary came to the Humane League from a hoard­ing sit­u­a­tion. This hand­some young kit­ten­was under­weight and ill. His eyes were swollen and painful from con­junc­tivi­tis and he had trou­ble breath­ing because of an upper res­pi­ra­tory infection.He spent almost two months on med­ica­tion and lots of time rest­ing and recov­er­ing from his ill­nesses. Today, he is a happy, friendly, and ener­getic young man! Best of all, Gary was adopted and now has a home of his own!

    The HLLC was able to go the EXTRA mile for Gary, because of donors like you! Please con­sider, mak­ing a dona­tion on Nov. 30!

    Flower’s Extra­or­di­nary Story

    This sweet lit­tle lady was found limp­ing along the streets of Lan­caster. She was brought to the HLLC where the vet­eri­nary team dis­cov­ered that she could not bear weight on her right rear leg and her abdomen was firm and extended.

    After blood tests and x-rays, it was deter­mined that Flower would need surgery for her right rear knee and antibi­otics for the infec­tion in her abdomen, which was more than likely caused by a failed preg­nancy. Flower came through surgery with fly­ing col­ors. She is cur­rently stay­ing with a fos­ter fam­ily while she com­pletes post-surgery phys­i­cal ther­apy. Then she will be ready for a for­ever fam­ily of her own!

    The HLLC was able to go the EXTRA mile for Flower, because of donors like you! Please con­sider, mak­ing a dona­tion on Nov. 30!

    Extra­or­di­nary Give At A Glance!

    What It Is:

    Lan­caster County’s First 24-hour Online Giv­ing Challenge.

    The Extra­or­di­nary Give will be the Largest Sin­gle Day of Giv­ing in Lan­caster County.

    On Novem­ber 30, they’re going the EXTRA mile for our com­mu­nity. On that day, visit Extra​Give​.org, make a dona­tion and they’ll stretch your dol­lars with their own $250,000 con­tri­bu­tion. Plus $50,000 in addi­tional prizes for orga­ni­za­tions and donors.

     How It Works:

    1. On Novem­ber 30, visit Extra​Give​.org from your com­puter, smart phone or device.
    2. Visit the pages of nearly 200 local orga­ni­za­tions and learn how their work impacts Lan­caster County.
    3. Make an online dona­tion (min­i­mum $25) to an orga­ni­za­tion (or sev­eral organizations!)
    4. Each orga­ni­za­tion then receives a per­cent­age of the $250,000 stretch pool. So, if an orga­ni­za­tion raises 5% of the day’s total dona­tions, they will receive 5% of the stretch pool. Plus any EXTRA money from the $50,000 in prizes!

    Humane League of Lancaster County brought a taste of the 1969 music festival experience to guests on Saturday, April 25th, 2015, for our annual Wags & Whiskers Auction! This year’s Wags & Whiskers Auction was held at a brand-new location, Natural Stoneworks, where guests were surrounded by an exquisite collection of beautiful and exotic soapstone, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and slate. Because what could be cooler than a real rock warehouse for a rock event?

    Wags & Whiskers Auction is a one-of-a-kind live auction, featuring amazing art created by local, regional, and national artists, as well as amazing items, antiques, and packages! There was a silent auction, raffle table, loads of great food, plus complimentary beer and wine service. This wasn’t your father’s boring old auction. This was a party auction freak-out! Wags & Whiskers Auction brought artwork and experiences from the quirky to the sublime to our friends and supporters for an outrageous night of bidding & entertainment, and it all benefited the animals and programs of Humane League of Lancaster County! With period inspiration, guests received a giant dose of groovy not seen since the original Fillmore Auditorium.

    Thank you to everyone who joined us for the grooviest evening of the year! Click HERE to view event photos!


    Our generous Patrons fully paid for all expenses for Wags & Whiskers Auction, so every single penny donated at the event went straight to the animals!



    Due to the overwhelming response, we are no longer accepting online orders and we will not be able to sell tickets at the door. We apologize for any inconvenience. Everyone who purchased tickets the week of Pints will have the purchasers’ names listed at Registration. You may bring your receipt/email verification to the event if you like, but it’s not necessary. Looking forward to hosting everyone on this fun-filled day!

    Pints for Pups is the original dog and family friendly beer fest event and features delicious food, loads of beer for the tasting, and live music! But that’s not even the best part! ALL proceeds from this beer tasting event go directly to veterinary, sheltering, and adoption programs for animals in Berks and Lancaster Counties!  Where else can you have more fun drinking a beer and save a dog (or cat)? Join us on Saturday, July 22, 2017 at Jim Dietrich Park in Muhlenberg for the ultimate Woodstock reincarnation event! Set back along the trails of the Schuylkill River, you’ll be immersed in the sylvan splendour of shaded trees, natural beaches and cool breezes that will surely ignite the flower power within your soul!

    Last year was rolling with a rockabilly theme, and this year’s groovy 60s theme will not disappoint!  Of course we will have 75+ brews to sample, plus some epic tunes, vendors and other super cool surprises — not to mention a buffet of outtasight picnic fare catered by Mayo’s Classic Catering!

    You’ll want to dust off the bell bottoms and peasant blouses for our righteous musical lineup, featuring a far out performance by Kiss The Sky – The Jimi Hendrix RE-Experience, the #1 Hendrix act in the world! Kiss The Sky is more than a concert. It is a historically accurate sight & sound performance about all phases of the short yet iconic career of Jimi Hendrix. Just like Hendrix, lead singer Jimy Bleu is a virtuoso, left-handed guitarist and performs all of Hendrix’s signature stage moves. He re-creates the patented sounds and moves of Hendrix so well that he has also been a touring member of Jimi’s Hendrix bassist Billy Cox’s Band of Gypsy’s Experience band!


    Pints for Pups VIP (Very Important Pinters) – This pass gets you early admission into our exclusive VIP Hour with specially-selected beers and a chance to meet the people who brewed them! All VIPs receive a complimentary Pints for Pups t-shirt AND pint glass featuring art by Adrienne Trafford, a spread of scrumptious picnic-style grub, and all-you-can-drink beer! $75 per ticket, 4 PM early admission! 

    Pints for Pups General Admission – A general admission pass admits one human and one friendly, leashed dog to Pints for Pups. All attendees will receive a complimentary Pints for Pups Pint glass featuring artwork by Adrienne Trafford, a delicious picnic-style buffet, and of course, loads of beer for the tasting! $40 per ticket advance purchase.  5 PM admission.

    Pints for Pups Designated Driver – A designated driver pass admits one human and one friendly, leashed dog to Pints for Pups. Designated Driver Pass holders enjoy non-alcoholic drinks, a commemorative pint glass featuring art by Adrienne Trafford, and a delicious picnic-style buffet! $20 per ticket, 5 PM admission unless attending with a VIP ticket holder.

    Pints for Pups Junior Passes – A Junior Pints Pass is for our younger friends, ages 6 – 20, who are not permitted by law to partake in any of the beer tasting but are invited to enjoy nonalcoholic beverages and a delicious picnic style buffet. No pints glass is included with this option.  $10 per ticket, 5 PM admission unless attending with a parent VIP ticket holder.

    Children 5 and Under – Youngsters are welcome to join mom and dad for free and are invited to enjoy nonalcoholic beverages and a delicious picnic style buffet.

    We welcome all family members regardless of age, including leashed, well-behaved dogs to come out and take part in the festivities!

  • Fight Puppy Mills

    The Humane League of Lancaster County is ground zero for dealing with the nightmare of our county’s infamous puppy mills. Our Humane Officers inves­tigate cruel condi­tions and seize sick and dying animals. Our staff stay for hours beyond closing time to receive these dogs and make them more comfortable than they have ever been. After a few months with us, it is truly incredible to see the change as they become loving and trusting beings. We have hundreds of success stories, yet know that there are thou­sands who are waiting to be rescued. Everyone here is dedi­cated to saving one life at a time.

    The time for action is now! As a community and as indi­viduals we need to take a stand against our county’s puppy mills and say, “no more!” The deplorable and inhumane condi­tions that these animals are bred and raised in is unac­ceptable. Their pleas for help and compassion go largely unheard and it’s time for us to give them a voice. Together, we can and will change the future of this silent majority by giving them our compassion, courage and strength.

    How you can help

    • EDUCATE YOURSELF. Are you aware of exactly what a puppy mill is? Did you know that puppies being sold in pet stores often come directly from puppy mills? Watch the video above for a look inside a puppy mill. (Video produced and copy­righted by the Humane Society of the United States.) Educate others. Tell your friends and family about what really goes on inside of a puppy mill. Still in school or attending college? Consider giving an oral presen­tation or doing a report about puppy mills.
    • DON’T SHOP. ADOPT! Are you or is someone you know consid­ering getting a puppy or a new pet? Consider adopting rather than purchasing a puppy from a pet store or breeder. Remember, the majority of puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills or other large scale breeding oper­a­tions. Purchasing a puppy from a pet store or breeder continues to drive consumer demand and allows puppy mills to remain in business. Simi­larly, while buying a puppy from a puppy mill might seem like you are doing the right thing and “rescuing” the puppy, your purchase will just give the breeder more profit and a reason to continue oper­ating. If you are looking for a purebred puppy, contact the Humane League and we will gladly provide you with contact infor­mation for a local breed rescue group.
    • GET INVOLVED. The Humane League is always in need of volun­teers and foster parents. Some of our volunteer oppor­tu­nities, such as bathing dogs and walking them, may involve directly assisting us in providing care to dogs rescued from puppy mills. We have an ongoing need for foster parents who are willing to care for puppy mill survivors in their homes on a short or long term basis until they are ready for adoption. For volunteer oppor­tu­nities, please contact Volunteer Coor­di­nator Lauren Monti at volunteer@humaneleague.com . For foster care oppor­tu­nities, please contact Foster Care Coor­di­nator Lori Kelley at lkelley@humaneleague.com.
    • DONATE. Click here to make a financial donation. Simply select “Animal Rescue Fund” from the desig­nation drop-down menu. The Humane League frequently houses dogs from puppy mills on a long term basis while our Humane Officers press charges against breeders. In these cases, the shelter pays for all of the dogs’ medical needs, food, housing, and care. The total cost per dog can exceed $2,000! Your donation today will help us provide the reha­bil­i­tative care that these dogs so desper­ately need and deserve.
    • REPORT UNSATISFACTORY KENNELS! Call the Humane League of Lancaster County and ask to speak to a Humane Officer (717) 393‑6551 Call the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement 1–877-DOG-TIP1

    Thank you for considering adoption of your next best friend from the Humane Pennsylvania. We have many wonderful pets who can’t wait to join your family. When you adopt a pet from the us, you are giving an animal a second chance at love. We hope you will encourage other people to consider adopting from their local animal shelter.

    We think the animals available at Humane Pennsylvania are the very best you can find anywhere.  But we sweeten the deal with our 30 Day Adoption Health Supplement.  This original and unique program provides a discounted first vet exam and discounted health care coverage for a wide variety of common illnesses in the first 30 days!

    Please take a look at some of the wonderful animals we have for adoption. More come in every day, so please stop by and visit. Don’t forget to consider less traditional friends, too. We regularly have a wide variety of small mammals, birds, reptiles, farm animals, and others available for adoption!

    Humane League of Lancaster County Adoption Hours

    10:00 am to 4:30 pm (seven days a week)

    Humane Society of Berks County Adoption Hours

    10:00 am to 4:30 pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)
    10:00 am to 6:30 pm (Monday, Friday)

    Willing to adopt an older pet?  Humane Pennsylvania has an incentive for you!  Cats 11 years or older and dogs 8 years or older may now be adopted at discounted rates!  The adoption includes all of the same benefits as a regular adoption.  All normal adoption requirements and screening also apply.

    To view available adoptable animals, choose a button below:



    Adoption Fees

    Adoption fees vary among our animals based on breed, adoptability, age, health and other factors. Please see each animal’s profile for designated adoption pricing, or call your preferred shelter location for further information.

    Cat and Dog Adoption fees include:

    • HPA’s Thirty Day Adoption Health Supplement
    • Spaying or Neutering (prior to adoption)
    • Vaccinations (including current rabies vaccination) and de-worming medication
    • Flea Treatment
    • Microchipping and chip registration
    • Free 2 lb Bag of Science Diet Pet Food (dogs) or free 1 lb Bag of Science Diet Pet Food (cat).  Science Diet partners with HPA to provide great nutrition to all cats and dogs in our shelters. You can continue that great nutrition when your pet goes home with you!


    Pot Bellied Pigs – $50 | Ferrets – $30 | Lizards/Snakes – by species
    Hamsters/Gerbils – $10 | Domestic Rats – $10 | Horse/Livestock – by species
    Chinchillas – $40 | Rabbits – $30 (sterilized) | Guinea Pigs – $10
    Parakeets – $10 | Cockatiels – $15 | Other birds – by breed | Turtles – $10


    Every cat and dog adopted at Humane Pennsylvania’s two adoption centers or at any satellite adoption center receives our exclusive 30 Day Adoption Health Supplement.  This provides your pet coverage for a wide variety of common canine and feline illnesses.  Our goal is to provide you and your pet with the best possible health care and to avoid adoption returns due to simple and treatable illnesses.


    The Free To A Great Home emergency adoption program was introduced in the summer 2005 to provide an incentive to adopt adult cats facing euthanasia due to a lack of space during the crowded summer months.  The program was a runaway success, completely eliminating euthanasia among cats for space (resulting in hundreds fewer cats being put to sleep each year).  It also led to record adoptions among both cats and dogs thanks to the press coverage and public attention the program received, as well as the first decrease in the rate of euthanasia in our shelter’s history.  It also received a Best Industry Practice for Adoption Programs Award from the American Humane Association in 2006.

    How the program works:

    • Interested adopters go through the normal adoption screening process.
    • If approved for adoption, the animal they are interested in may be adopted at no charge.
    • Adopters receive all the same benefits and responsibilities as regular adopters.
    • Also, any cat or dog which has been up for adoption for eight weeks or more may be adopted at no charge through the FTAGH program!

    Humane Pennsylvania hopes that this expanded program will help even more pets get the homes that they need in times when animals need homes the most!

  • How To Get Started

    How To Get Started

    Filling out the adoption survey

    When you come into the Humane League, we will first invite you to walk through our kennels to view our adoptable animals. If you would like to spend one-on-one time with any of our animals, we will ask that you fill out an adoption survey so that we have all of your infor­mation on file.

    Bring your Form of identification

    Once you complete your adoption survey, we will ask to see a form of iden­ti­fi­cation with your current address so that we will know where the adopted animal will be living. Drivers licenses, a piece of mail sent to you, a personal check, or a utility bill with you name and address are all examples of valid forms of identification.

    Bring the family!

    We always suggest that, at some point in the adoption process, you bring all members of your household in to the shelter to meet with the pet you are inter­ested in. Adopting a pet is like bringing a new friend into the family; therefore, it is important that everyone who will live with the animal is comfortable with the decision and excited to make him or her part of their life.

    Placing Animals on Hold

    There may be instances in which you come to the shelter and see an animal you would like to adopt but you need to bring another family member in to meet with the pet, get landlord approval, etc. In these circum­stances, our staff may allow a hold to be placed on the animal. The following are guide­lines regarding our Hold Policies:

    The animal is available for adoption to the public unless a hold has been placed.

    • A hold can only be placed on an animal if the potential adopter has an approved appli­cation on file, except at the discretion of the Customer Service Lead or Kennel manager in an excep­tional case.
    • All holds will be termi­nated at the end of the business day unless otherwise stip­u­lated by Humane League Staff.
    • A hold requires a deposit of $25, which will go towards the adoption of the animal but is not refundable if the potential adopter decides not to adopt that animal.

    Are you renting?

    If you are renting, we strongly urge you to check with your landlord about their pet policies before you come into the shelter and fall in love with a particular animal. If you are renting, your landlord may have breed, weight, and or age restric­tions about what kind of animals they allow on their property. Knowing these guide­lines ahead of time will make the adoption process much smoother.

    Do you have existing pets?

    If you are inter­ested in adopting a dog and you already have a dog(s) at home, we will request that you bring your dog(s) into the shelter to meet whatever dog you are inter­ested in adopting. By bringing your dog to meet a new dog at the shelter, it will allow the dogs to meet on neutral territory. It will also give you an idea of whether or not they will get along with each other once you have your new dog home or whether you should continue looking for a more suitable companion who will get along well with your existing pets.

  • Adopt a Dog

    Ernie (Teachers Pet)
    Collie, Rough/Bearded Collie
    9 years 4 months
    Abby(Foster To Home)
    3 years 6 months
    Rex (Busy Bee)
    Terrier, American Staffordshire/Mix
    1 year 11 months


    Goof­ball, Con­stant Com­pan­ion, Teacher’s Pet—What do they all mean? Take me to the Canine-alities >

    What does “Fos­ter to Home” mean?

    Dog Adop­tion Fees

    • 6 Months and under: Start­ing at $195.00
    • 7 Months through 6 years: Start­ing at $135.00
    • 7 years or older: Start­ing at $65.00

    These adop­tion fees include:

    • Spay/Neuter Surgery
    • Micro-chipping
    • Basic Vac­ci­na­tions
    • Com­pli­men­tary Exam* at a Par­tic­i­pat­ing Vet
    • 30 days of free Shel­ter­Care Pet Insurance
    • Adopter bag of Sci­ence Diet Food
    • Flea treat­ment

    *The com­pli­men­tary exam cov­ers only the cost of the office visit. Any addi­tional tests, treat­ments, etc. that your vet­eri­nar­ian rec­om­mends will be at cost to you.

    Adopt a Dog

    Your Dog’s Per­son­al­ity Assessment

    All of our adopt­able dogs have gone through a behav­ior assess­ment before being placed up for adop­tion.  For dogs who are trans­ferred into the HLLC from other com­mu­nity orga­ni­za­tions, this behav­ior assess­ment may have taken place at the shel­ter where they were ini­tially housed.  Dogs who are sur­ren­dered directly to the HLLC by their own­ers are eval­u­ated based on the ASPCA’s SAFER® Aggres­sion Assess­ment. Accord­ing to infor­ma­tion from the ASPCA, “SAFER is intended to be one tool used to help iden­tify the risk of future aggres­sion and the indi­vid­ual behav­ioral sup­port needed before adop­tion for each dog in a shel­ter.” HLLC staff also use infor­ma­tion from pre­vi­ous own­ers, mem­bers of our vet­eri­nary team, and vol­un­teers to iden­tify any spe­cific behav­ior needs that each dog may have.

    We spend addi­tional time get­ting to know each dog indi­vid­u­ally in order to assess their activ­ity level, socia­bil­ity, play style, likes and dis­likes, and knowl­edge of basic com­mands. Based on this inter­ac­tion, each dog is given one of the ASPCA’s “Canine-alities,” a fun per­son­al­ity descrip­tion that can aid you in help­ing to choose the right dog for your fam­ily.  Keep in mind that a dog’s behav­ior is likely to change once he is set­tled into his new home. Remem­ber that the HLLC is always avail­able as a resource to help ease you through your first weeks together. Get ready for an adven­ture and a life­time of love with your new friend!

    Meet Your Match Canine-alities


    Like the easy life? Then ‘m the per­fect match for you. I’m a relaxed, laid-back kind of dog who enjoys long naps, watch­ing movies, curl­ing up on laps, and walk­ing very short dis­tances from the couch to the food bowl and back. (Inter­nally motivated)


    Look­ing for an emo­tion­ally secure, mutu­ally sat­is­fy­ing, low main­te­nance rela­tion­ship? I am all you need. Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I’ll be your devoted com­pan­ion for­ever. (Socially motivated)


    I’ve got the whole package—smart, fuzzy, four legs, love to learn and live to please. Go ahead, teach me any­thing. Sit, stay, bal­ance your check­book, I can do it all. Keep me enter­tained and I’ll be yours for­ever. (Exter­nally motivated)


    Shy yet charm­ing canine search­ing for patient owner with relaxed lifestyle. Look­ing for gen­tle guid­ance to help me come out of my shell. Treat me sweet and kind and I’ll blos­som. (Inter­nally motivated)


    I’m a nat­u­rally play­ful, curi­ous, and trust­ing canine. Take me for a big walk every day; give me some­thing to do. After my job’s done, I’ll curl up in front of the fire with you in the evenings. (Exter­nally motivated)


    I’m a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time, glass-is-half-full kind of dog look­ing for some­one who loves to laugh and play around. Must have a great sense of humor and some time to spend with me. I’m a dog on a mis­sion to please you. (Socially motivated)


    I think every­thing is fun, inter­est­ing and meant for play, espe­cially you. Any­thing you do, I’ll want to do too. With my own brand of sur­prises, life with me will keep you con­stantly on your toes, and the fun is guar­an­teed. (Socially motivated)


    Want to get more exer­cise? Action is my mid­dle name. My “Let’s GO” lifestyle will keep you moti­vated to get out­side and move. I’ve got tons of energy; and just like the sun, I’m burn­ing and work­ing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I’ll run for miles, chase a ball for hours, and still want to play at the end of the day. (Exter­nally motivated)


    Intel­li­gent, inde­pen­dent, con­fi­dent and clever, I pre­fer mak­ing my own deci­sions but will lis­ten to you if you make a good case. We’re part­ners in this adven­ture. Treat me like one and we’ll both live hap­pily ever after. (Inter­nally motivated)

    Humane League’s Personalities


    I march to the beat of my own drummer—in fact, I could care less if there was a band around at all. I enjoy doing my own thing and think that explor­ing is the best time a dog could have. I still enjoy hav­ing you around, but I pre­fer that you give me affec­tion on my terms and let me do my own thing. I do enjoy inter­act­ing with you and giv­ing cud­dles and kisses, but I am more of the Indi­ana Jones type. I am look­ing for a room­mate who can under­stand my need for alone time and explor­ing the world—even if the world only goes as far as my back yard.


    I am from a puppy mill and am a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than other dogs. I have never lived in a lov­ing home so you will have to be patient with me and show me what some things—like car rides, the vac­uum, the toi­let flush­ing, the washer and dryer, and…well, basi­cally every­thing. With a lit­tle time and love I will come around. Please see the front office for more infor­ma­tion about me and also for a puppy mill infor­ma­tional packet. I can be the pet of your dreams; I am just a work in progress.


    A lit­tle bit of a yel­low streak is a good way to start describ­ing me. I get scared really eas­ily and being here in the shel­ter does not make me any more com­fort­able. How to win my heart you ask? That is easy—time and patience. I am look­ing for a fam­ily who can give me time to adjust and be sup­port­ive of me because I need all of the con­fi­dence I can get. All I need is a chance to warm up and show you that I can be the best friend that you have ever had.


    Pup­pies are play­ful and ener­getic. Most likely, you will need to house­break your puppy and teach him basic obe­di­ence com­mands and good man­ners. Do you have enough time in your sched­ule to give a puppy the atten­tion that he will require?

    Fos­ter to Home Program

    Dogs who are part of our Fos­ter to Home Pro­gram are cur­rently liv­ing with HLLC fos­ter fam­i­lies. Our Fos­ter to Home Pro­gram gives dogs who need a lit­tle extra TLC the abil­ity to stay in a nat­ural, home set­ting where they receive one-on-one atten­tion until they are adopted. If you are inter­ested in a Fos­ter to Home dog, you will be com­mu­ni­cat­ing directly with the fos­ter par­ents of the dog whom you are inter­ested in. This will give you the added ben­e­fit of being able to ask ques­tions about the dog’s per­son­al­ity and behav­ior dur­ing his/her stay with the fos­ter fam­ily to ensure that the dog will be a good match for your lifestyle. If you are inter­ested in adopt­ing a Fos­ter to Home dog

  • 30-Day Adop­tion Health Guarantee

    Every cat and dog adopted at the Humane League of Lan­caster County (HLLC) receives our exclu­sive 30 Day Adop­tion Health Guar­an­tee. This pro­vides your pet com­plete cov­er­age for a wide vari­ety of com­mon canine and feline ill­nesses. Our goal is to pro­vide you and your pet with the best pos­si­ble health care and to avoid adop­tion returns due to rare but sim­ple and treat­able ill­nesses. Please refer to com­plete details and lim­i­ta­tions to this pro­gram below. Pro­gram Details: Within the first 30 days after adop­tion, Humane League of Lan­caster County Well­ness Clinic or the Vet­eri­nary Hos­pi­tals of the Humane Soci­ety of Berks County will pro­vide you a com­pli­men­tary Over­all Well­ness Exam for your new pet. If one of the ill­nesses below is diag­nosed, HLLC Well­ness Clinic / HSBC Ani­mal Hos­pi­tals will pro­vide com­pli­men­tary treat­ment, for the first 30 days fol­low­ing your adoption:

    • Upper Res­pi­ra­tory Infections
    • Infec­tious Tra­cheo­bron­chi­tis (Ken­nel Cough)
    • Diar­rhea of Infec­tious Origin
    • Vom­it­ing of Infec­tious Origin
    • Intesti­nal Parasites
    • Ear and Eye Infections
    • Suture Removal (if required post-sterilization)

    Dis­eases and con­di­tions that are excluded: Con­gen­i­tal and inher­ited dis­eases or con­di­tions are not cov­ered, nor are undi­ag­nosed pre-existing con­di­tions or con­di­tions spec­i­fied in an adop­tion health waiver. No cov­er­age for the treat­ment of FIP, Feline Leukemia, FIV, Par­vovirus, Dis­tem­per or Hepati­tis will be pro­vided. No other ani­mal in an owner’s house will be cov­ered if they catch an ill­ness or dis­ease from the new pet.

    NOTE: You may also choose to use your own vet­eri­nar­ian. A med­ical form list­ing vac­ci­na­tions and worm­ing is issued at the time of adop­tion. Your new pet may be required to see a vet­eri­nar­ian within 30 days of adop­tion. Your vet­eri­nar­ian will pro­vide all ser­vices at your expense. Even if you have cho­sen to use your own vet, in the event of ill­nesses cov­ered under the HLLC 30 Day Health Guar­an­tee, you may still con­tact the HLLC to arrange care through our Well­ness Clinic. The HLLC will not assume charges for any treat­ment of any con­di­tion, ill­ness or emer­gency at any time by any other veterinarian.

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