7 Foot Burmese Python Found in Lancaster Home


Tenants in a Lancaster City home discover an unwelcomes guest in their Fairview Avenue home earlier this month. It was a 7 foot long, 15 pound Burmese Python. The giant snake was apparently abandoned by the homes previous tenants. The new tenants discovered the reptile by accident in the basement shortly after moving in.

They took the snake to the Lancaster Humane League. This week the League transferred the snake to the Forgotten Friend, an animal shelter where it will be cared for and put up for adoption. The Forgotten Friend has become accustomed to caring for pythons. The Lancaster Human League ask Forgotten Friends to accept another Burmese Python last month. Forgotten Friends already had two other large pythons that had been released into the wild from Lebanon County last July.

All three reptiles were eventually placed in adopted homes. Burmese Pythons have become a major problem because pet owners underestimate how fast and large the snakes grow, up to 20 feet and 200 pounds. Thousands of Burmese Pythons have been released by their owners in Florida and are quickly breeding and threatening native wildlife. Forgotten Friends urges pet owners to do their homework on any pet and think twice before bringing home reptiles which grow to unmanageable sizes.

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