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Real­is­ti­cally, each indi­vid­ual can only accept a cer­tain num­ber of ani­mal com­pan­ions in their home. But, there are so many more pets that need a place to call their own. Frus­trated? Here’s one way you can help us. By join­ing the Humane League’s Guardian­ship Pro­gram, with your tax-deductible dona­tion, you help spon­sor the cost of food, med­ical care and hous­ing for the thousands of ani­mals that come through our care every year.

In addition to your generous gift, we would like to commemorate your message of compassion for our animal friends; and those who love them.  A full color, laminated card featuring your personal message and an optional picture of your choice will be displayed on your sponsored kennel for 1 year.  In addition, your message will be featured on our website.

You can use your Guardian­ship to honor the mem­ory of a loved one, rec­og­nize a friend, or cel­e­brate one of life’s mile­stones. Ded­i­cat­ing a Guardian­ship, to one or more of your furry friends, is also a mean­ing­ful way to rec­og­nize the joy they’ve brought to your life.

Help the Humane League of Lan­caster County pro­vide the resources to make sure all of our ani­mal friends find their own human com­pan­ion. For just $250 you can make a huge pos­i­tive impact. Go ahead, make a dif­fer­ence in this world. Contact for more information or if you are interested in becoming a guardian!


On behalf of all of our ani­mals, we would like to thank and rec­og­nize our cur­rent Guardians.

(Guardians are listed alpha­bet­i­cally by first name. Their mes­sages posted here are printed on cards and dis­played on our pets’ cages.)

  • Alaina Mayberry
    “My name is Jack­son and my owner adopted me from here and now I have the best life ever. With­out the help from the Humane League I would have never had a chance.”
  • Barbara Bleam
  • Beverly Smith
  • Bob Buzzendore
    “Thank you, HLLC”  Bud­dah, Mac, & Tex
  • Cassie Shortuse
    “In honor of all our dogs, past and present, that have given us so much joy!”
  • Cathy and Ed Lafferty
    “Dear Greta, Thank you for all the love and joy you gave us. We miss and love you, and will see you in heaven.”
  • Charles L. Van Gorden
  • Chris & Kathy Skiles
    In mem­ory of Sasha and Sonja, our pretty girls.
  • Clay Burchill
    In mem­ory of Rags Burchill and Deb Burchill.
  • Connie Bletcher
    In honor of Reg­gie, our beloved yel­low lab, whom we will miss forever.
  • Cynthia Eckman
    For Cindy Shipley – “She loved ALL ani­mals, but she espe­cially loved cats.”
    In Mem­ory of Cindy
  • Mylin Shipley
  • Cynthia Stroman
    In mem­ory of Cally, our sweet girl who gave us so much joy!
  • David and Barbara Erskine
    In mem­ory of Kate, adopted from the HLLC on 8/3/96, crossed the Rain­bow Bridge 11/9/2010. Her uncon­di­tional love and incred­i­ble intel­li­gence enriched our lives for 14 years. Save a life and bring joy and laugh­ter into your home, too.
  • David and Barbara Erskine
    In mem­ory of Hessie
  • David and Patty Bathurst
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Spanky, Sissy and L.T.
  • Debra Miller
    In mem­ory of Buzzy, Boyfriend & Hobo
  • Donna L. Shaub
    In mem­ory of Patch Pussy – my faith­ful friend for 15 years!
  • Dorothy Mowery Smith
    In honor of James R. Arm­strong, V.M.D.
  • Douglas W. Gibson
    In honor of all the ani­mals who haven’t had the good for­tune of find­ing per­ma­nent, lov­ing homes.
  • Ed and Darla Schorr
    Rico SchorrIn honor of Rico, our 17-year-old Maine Coon mix
  • Edi Young and David Lounsbury
    Dave Louns­bury – In honor of your birth­day (2014). Love, Edi & Lucus
  • Eileen F. Kranch
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Carol A. Metheny ABC DT Cer­ti­fied Dog Trainer and Cheyenne Autumn Metheny, beloved pet
  • Eric and Kim Steinman
    In lov­ing mem­ory of our sweet boys, Bog­art & Cody.
  • Faith Rineer
    Zeus was res­cued 1/31/10 – Best Buddy Ever – “Res­cue + Adopt”
  • Gary and Joan Goldman
  • Gary and Patricia Blair
    In mem­ory of Mor­ris, Rusty, Fluff, Buster and Bob.
  • Gary Rader
    In mem­ory of Jack, Argus, Zach, Drew. Also our beloved kitties. Samson, Delila, Moon & Sunny.
  • Greta, Former Humane League Guest
    “Need a best friend and devoted com­pan­ion? Look no fur­ther . . . I’m right here!”
  • Harvey and Diann Trotman
    In lov­ing mem­ory of our good dog, Brodie.
  • In memory of Anna R. Rentschler spon­sored by her family.
  • Jackee Olson
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Patri­cia A. Hawkins and “The Bert.” Eter­nally enjoy­ing long walks together.
  • Jacqueline Jones
    In mem­ory of Ralph, adopted HLLC 11/1994 AKC CD, Delta Soci­ety Part­ner (National) Beyond Lim­ites Award 2006, Hos­pice of Lan­caster Co Life­time Achieve­ment Award (500+ hours) and oth­ers. Crossed the Rain­bow Bridge July 2008.
  • Jennifer Groff
    In lov­ing mem­ory of my res­cue dog, Charlie.
  • Jessica Secor
  • John and Linda Huber
    For Shenan­doah
  • Judy Sandt
    In mem­ory of Marmalade Castnersmall
  • Julie Castner
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Mar­malade Cast­ner .” Please know that you are loved, missed, and remem­bered always, my lit­tle orange one.” Love, Mommy, Bucky, and your whole family.
  • Kathy and Rick Kirchoff
    Ded­i­cated to all of our com­pan­ion ani­mals. May St. Fran­cis watch over them. Please give this dog a for­ever home.
  • Kori Shuck
  • Kristin O’Connor
    In mem­ory of Han­nah “Bean” Barnett
    “Merry Christ­mas Grammy!”  From you favorite grand-puppy on Rain­bow Bridge, Han­nah
  • Lesa Stember
    In mem­ory of Pais­ley & Taylor
  • Liesa Miller and Tom Knier
    To honor the life of Meat­ball, a very un-boring pug.
  • Lisa Brosey
    “Until one has loved an ani­mal, a part of one’s soul remains unawak­ened.”  Ana­tole France
  • Lynn Balmer
    Cats are cool! In mem­ory of Spike & Corky.
  • Marie Carnes
  • In honor of Stella, our beau­ti­ful Husky we res­cued from the side of the road 12 years ago, and to her pre­cious pup­pies which all found homes through the Humane League.
  • Marilyn Torpey
  • Please con­sider mak­ing one of these lovely ani­mals a part of your family. They have so much love to give and would be so grate­ful to receive yours in return.
  • Michael and Robin Suess
  • In mem­ory of Nikki, best dog ever
  • Mick and Barb Linetty
    In mem­ory of Oscar
    “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
    “Dogs are gen­er­ous crea­tures. They shower their affec­tion with­out expect­ing any­thing in return. They have bound­less energy, enthu­si­asm, and loy­alty. The moment you enter home, your dog greets you with warm hugs and licks.”
    “If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not nec­es­sar­ily any­thing wrong with you, but there may be some­thing wrong with your life.”
  • Nancy Forberger
    In mem­ory of Ban­dit, Pep­per, Pump­kin, Piper, Patches, and Maggie
  • Noreene Sweeney
    We all deserve a sec­ond chance!
  • Patricia Kusila, Rosalie Picariello & Felicia Baumann
  • “Uncle Joe, we love you and miss you.”  Keenan, Krista, Dylan, Joseph, Tyler, Dominic, Saman­tha, Christo­pher, Stephanie, Nicholas, Michael and Dominic Philip.
  • Richard P. Sills
    In mem­ory of MORRIS, beloved orange cat – June 22, 1984 – Novem­ber 16, 1998
  • Richard P. Sills
    In mem­ory of JASMINE, beloved orange cat, Adopted from HLLC on July 18, 1999
    June 27, 1992 – May 23, 2005
  • Richard P. Sills
    In mem­ory of SWEETIE, beloved lit­tle white cat
    August 19, 1989 – May 26, 2005
  • Richard P. Sills
    In mem­ory of HUNTLEY, beloved orange tiger cat
    June 22, 2002 – Octo­ber 6, 2010
  • Richard P. Sills
    In honor of BRINKLEY, beloved orange cat
  • Richard P. Sills
    In honor of TABITHA, pre­cious black-and-white cat, Adopted from HLLC March 12, 2010
  • Richard P. Sills
    In honor of DEXTER, pre­cious orange cat
  • Robert Barber
    “Happy Birth­day, Dad!” Love, Leo, Kim and Rich
  • Sandra Merritt
    Sandy’s daugh­ter Natasha
  • Sandra Merritt
    Sandy’s son Nicholas
  • Scott and Janice Royer
    In mem­ory of Sab­rina. Adopted from the Humane League at 4 years old, she gave us 11 years of love. Died of old age in her for­ever home on May 23, 2011.
  • Sharon Piersol
  • Sue & Tom Wiley
    In lov­ing mem­ory of our angel-faced beauty queen, Gin­ger Wiley. ” You were a true loyal and lov­ing best friend. We miss your beau­ti­ful face and kisses daily.”
  • Sue & Tom Wiley
    In lov­ing mem­ory of our sweet lit­tle love angel Cupid Wiley.  “You were a star that sparkled so brightly that you burned out before your time. We miss your amaz­ing, lov­ing pres­ence daily.”
  • Sue & Tom Wiley
    In mem­ory of our angel Bai­ley Wiley.  “Thank you for the joy you brought us.”
  • Sue & Tom Wiley
    In mem­ory of our angel Nik-Nik Wiley. We are reminded of your love everyday.
  • Sue Fisher
    In honor of Kathy Hacker and Jack Tin­ney, who want you to give this adorable cat a lov­ing home!
  • Susan DiClemente
    In mem­ory of Chablis
  • Sydney Meyers
    In honor of Sydney’s 22nd birth­day. Her big heart has plenty of room to love and care for all crea­tures great and small.
  • Tamara and Joseph Hogan
    In mem­ory of our Gen­tle­man Dog, Chester
  • Tara Parmer
    In mem­ory of my uncle, John David Eckinger, who shared my love of animals.
  • The Bedrick Family
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Lucy Bedrick, 1999-2013. For­ever in our hearts.
  • The Russo Family
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Pepper
  • Tim and Barbara Jo Saylor
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Snoopy
  • Tina and Dwight Varnes
    In mem­ory of Zoe and KellieKellie_Varnes
  • Tina Eichelberger
    On behalf of Nike, Munchkin, Happy & Mot­ley Eichelberger
  • Tina Kreuger
    We would like to remem­ber our beloved Sammy and all Krueger kit­ties now in heaven.
    We can­not describe the joy we get from hav­ing such lov­ing crea­tures in our lives.
    “The first time I laid eyes on you,
    I knew right from the start,
    That you were meant for me alone:
    you left paw prints on my heart.”
  • Travis & Jes Transue
    In lov­ing mem­ory of Moca
  • Winni Allison
    Thank you for help­ing me find my for­ever home, Love Anchor

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