Best Bully Sticks in 2020 – Reviews

Depending on the size and strength of your dog, bully sticks are some of the best treats you can give them. Because there are no bones there is no risk of cuts and they are much safer than a lot of the alternatives. If you want to leave the house for work then sometimes to ease a dog’s anxiety, bully sticks are the ideal treat to offer.

The best bully sticks are as close to all-natural as possible, great for your dog’s dental hygiene, and last long enough for them to enjoy a treat for a while. For a lot of people, the search is a difficult one and there are plenty of cheaply made products that are just all wrong for dogs. This is why we have created our list of the top products, so you find a perfect one for your pooch.

List of the Best Bully Sticks

Editor’s Choice: Best Bully Sticks – Supreme Bully Sticks – All-Natural Dog Treats

When looking for an all-natural dog treat, these are the best bully sticks around. You can get them in different sizes so it doesn’t matter whether your dog is a light chewer that takes ages to get through their treats, or a strong, heavy chewer because they also make power chews. These bully sticks are completely digestible and are great for dental health as they scrape tartar and plaque away from your dog’s teeth.

There are no additives or chemicals used to make them and are made from grass-fed beef. This ensures each bully stick is made from one ingredient and because of this, there are no splinters, no difficulty digesting them, and each one is packed with healthy protein. The scent is enticing so your dog and although they are more expensive than other brands, they are 100% natural and you get 25 in a pack.


  • Great for dental hygiene
  • No additives or chemicals
  • 100% natural
  • Made from grass-fed beef


Best For Large Dogs: Pawstruck 12

These large bully sticks are some of the best going because of the large thickness and 12″ length. They are odorless so if you usually wince when you open the packet, these might be a refreshing new product to try. They are all-natural and made from grass-fed beef and are completely digestible and safe for your dog. Pawstruck is a small family-owned business and they make sure there are no chemicals or additives in their bully sticks.

They are made from South American free-range cattle and are perfect for large dogs who usually get through their treats within seconds. Pawstruck slow cook these bully sticks to lock in the flavor and they are high in protein, low in fat, just as the best bully sticks should be.


  • 12 inches long
  • Odorless and made from all-natural beef
  • Thick and last a long time
  • High in protein

  • Can be a little pricey for some

Best For Small Dogs: Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks – 100% Natural Grass-Fed Free-Range Premium Beef

As with all the reputable products, these are 100% natural bully sticks and are the best for small dogs. Perfect for dental health and a great reward for good behavior, these bully sticks are grain-free with a low odor. Made from free-range grass-fed beef they help to promote healthy gums and eliminate bad breath. The single ingredient is rawhide beef which is a favorite for many dogs and you will find that they last a long time when given to smaller breeds.

You can get them in larger sizes but the 5 – 6-inch length of these bully sticks are ideal for smaller mouths. They are cleansed with water before being oven-baked to lock the flavor in and can be a lifesaver if your dog likes to chew furniture.


  • Low odor
  • 100% natural
  • Perfect for dental health
  • Oven-baked to lock the flavor in

  • Because they are thin they could splinter a little

Best For Thickness: Downtown Pet Supply 6 inch Bully Sticks

These thick bully sticks are ideal for a strong chewer and at 6 inches long they are great as a reward or tasty treat. With beef as the only ingredient, they have preserved lots of vitamins and minerals to make this bully stick healthy and irresistible. It is what the company do not use that makes them most impressive as there are no preservatives, hormones, artificial flavors, or chemicals to be found.

Like other bully sticks, they make a great dental chew and because of their added thickness, they last longer than a lot of other brands. You can pick these bully sticks up in different pack sizes so choose from 5, 10, 12, 18, 30, 48, 100 & 200. You can also get them in thin, thick, and jumbo sizes.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Beef is the only ingredient
  • No preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors

  • Some people aren’t a fan of the smell

Best Odor Free: Best For My Pets 12-Inch Bully Sticks Odor-Free

These super-sized bully sticks are great for big dogs as they are around 12-inches long and pack lots of tasty beef into each one. Because they are odor-free they won’t take over your home and are an excellent alternative to rawhide chews. Chemical-free and great for your dog’s dental health they keep teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Because of their size, they last longer than most brands which is great if you are leaving an anxious dog at home or just want to keep him away from your furniture. Both gluten and grain-free and made from grass-fed cattle and are chemical-free. You get around 8 in a bag which makes them good value considering how long each one lasts.


  • 12-inch bully sticks
  • Odor-free
  • Last a long time

  • Some people say that previous batches were thicker

Best Premium: Jack & Pup 12-inch Premium Grade Odor Free Thick Bully Sticks

In terms of quality, these are some of the best bully sticks available although they are on the pricier side. The good news is that dogs love them and the 12-inch length means they are ideal for larger breeds. Even big dogs will find that they take some chewing to get through and because they are odorless, you won’t mind sitting in the same room.

High in protein and completely digestible they are safe for your pooch and made in a USDA human-grade certified facility. They won’t splinter and are made from grass-fed beef as with many of the reputable brands. You can get them in different sizes with these 12-inch types being the longest.


  • Last a long time
  • Odorless bully sticks
  • Made in human-grade certified facilities

  • Agressive chewers might need something a little thicker
Bully Sticks Guide

If your dog won’t leave your shoes alone when you’ve gone to work or the furniture is looking a bit sorry for itself, bully sticks are a great idea. The better products occupy your dog for well over an hour at a time and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Because of this, you need to know what a quality bully stick should be made from, and what it should not.

For all things bully sticks, we have created the following guide. It details everything you need to know to make a smart purchase for your dog. 

What To Look For In Bully Sticks


A big dog might make light work of a small chew but it is the thickness that is most important. Small dogs don’t need anything too thick but give a thin bully stick to a large breed that is an aggressive chewer and it could splinter a little or cause discomfort. 

The thicker the better as these tend to take longer to get through.

100% Natural

Because there are so many 100% natural bully sticks on the market, you don’t need to settle for low-quality products that are full of junk. Most companies find it easy to bring their bully sticks to market without the use of artificial preservatives, chemicals, or any other nasties so don’t settle so a product that is detrimental to your dog’s health. 

Odorless Sticks

Although some products claim to be odorless but are closer to low-odor, any product that can claim to reduce the scent of a bully stick is often a good idea. Because the smell can be quite potent for some brands, you might find it hard to be around a dog that is chewing a smelly bully stick.


Some products advertise themselves as being a long-lasting bully stick but when you give them to an aggressive chewer, it only takes a matter of minutes for them to get through the whole pack. The best bully sticks are those that are thick and tough enough to last a long time so your dog spends more time chewing and less time biting the table legs.


This is in part down to the amount of time the sticks last but also how many you get in a pack. Some of the premium products tend to be more expensive but you can save a bit of money by purchasing them in bulk. Otherwise, a lot of brands offer the same benefits so go for one that offers you a good amount and is known for making long-lasting sticks.

Benefits of Bully Sticks For Dogs

Some pet owners swear by certain types of treats and there are many reasons why bully sticks are some of the most popular treats for dogs. Here are some of the common reasons why they are so good:

Perfect For Pups

It doesn’t matter what breed you have, puppies are notorious chewers. This means that no item in your home is safe from their young teeth which is why a lot of owners always have bully sticks to hand. Not only do they keep them away from your shoes but they promote healthy gums and teeth. 

However, when giving your puppy a treat, you should never leave them alone as there is a higher risk of choking.

Keeps Their Brains Active

A single bully stick can last well over an hour if you buy them from the right brand. This means he will be sat chewing away in peace. For a lot of dog owners, this is a time where they can also be left without worrying about the endless energy of their dog.

Promotes Dental Hygiene

One of the major benefits of the best bully sticks is that they are great for removing plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. They also help to promote healthy gums.

Dog chews are an important element of your dog’s dental hygiene and every kind of chew should be designed with this in mind. 

Easily Digested

Although dog treats are one way of showing your dog how much you love them, not all treats are so kind on their stomachs. The good news is, bully sticks are easy to digest. Unless your pooch is allergic to beef then they will be well-tolerated and are free-from some of the rubbish that other treats include such as artificial flavors and grain.

Good Value

Dog treats can be expensive, even when bought from your local store. This is where bully sticks are tempting for dog owners as they come in large pack sizes and can be cheaper than other options. 

How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bully Stick?

This depends on the health of your dog, an obese pooch should be kept away from treats. In general, treats should not make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake. Even though the best products are natural, bully sticks should still be considered a treat.

Introducing A Dog To A Bully Stick

You should never leave your dog on his own the first time your dog chews a bully stick. Because they are not used to the texture, they might try and swallow larger pieces which can cause choking. 

As a habit, a lot of experts recommend a sitting of up to 10 minutes for their first bully stick. 

Are Bully Sticks Safe?

As a general rule, bully sticks are one of the safer dog treats although choking is possible. A dog might try and swallow a piece that is too big or they might be given the wrong stick for their size. 

Even though they are easily digestible, they can still cause blockages. Remember to keep an eye on a puppy with a bully stick, or any dog chewing on one for the first time. 


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