Best Cat Trees For Large Cats in 2020 – Reviews

All felines love to climb so your cat is going to be no different. To save them from climbing on top of the shelves, knocking your photos off, the best cat trees for large cats are strong enough to give them a fun place to roam at a height. Because they love to perch and feel safe from up above, all homes with large cats can benefit from owing at least one.

The best products are sturdy, tall, have multiple levels to help keep their brain active and give them some good exercise. How can you tell which ones are built to last and suitable for your cat? First of all, consult our guide to the best cat trees for large cats, there are numerous products with excellent reputations, so read on to find out why.

List of the Best Cat Trees For Large Cats

Editor’s Choice: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

An elite product, this is the best cat tree for large cats because there is so much room, a sturdy structure, and lots of different levels. Even if you have more than one cat, there are lots of places on this tree for them to explore away from the others. With 10 posts for scratching (they are covered by sisal rope), and 15 levels measuring up to 72 inches high, your cat can perch, have fun, and rest when they like.

It is covered in faux fur so it provides a comfortable place for her to roam and it comes with everything you need to assemble it within minutes. Sturdy, and with a base material that is made from wood, it has a quality feel to it so you get the sense it is going to last a long time. We’ve never heard of it tipping and many people have had it for years which is always a good sign.


  • 15 levels and 10 posts
  • 72 inches high
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super comfortable


Best With Hammock: Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Some cat trees for large cats look sturdy just from the pictures, and this one does its images justice. It is another that is 72 inches high and is made from pressed wood. There is a sturdy shelter box to help make a cat feel safe, as well as a hammock on the lower level for a lazy cat. There are four different levels and plenty of hanging toys if they are feeling active.

When you leave home for work you need to know your cat isn’t going to be bored all day and this makes an ideal station for them to keep their brains active. The neutral design means it looks good in any room and you get all the tools you need for an easy assembly.


  • 72 inches tall
  • 4 levels
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Interactive toys

  • Can be a bit pricey for some

Best Affordable: Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House, 32W x 25L x 47.5H Inches

At 47.5 inches, this isn’t the tallest cat tree for large cats but it is great value for anyone on a budget. You still get lots of sisals covered scratching posts that can work towards saving your furniture from those claws and 8 different levels. There isn’t as much room for multiple cats but most people comment on the fact that their pets don’t seem to mind sharing the space.

There is a hanging rope for a bit of playtime and it is perfect for apartment life or a smaller home because it doesn’t take up a lot of room. The compressed wood design is durable and the faux fur layer is comfortable so don’t be surprised if you find your cat lazing inside the box or sleeping on a perch.


  • Good value
  • 8 levels
  • Durable design
  • Plenty of scratching posts

  • Not as tall as other products

Best Design: FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

This stable product just missed out on our top 3 cat trees but for large cats, it is one of the most robust and best-looking designs. 67 inches tall and with a base that is almost impossible to tip, this is ideal for a fully grown cat or two and has plenty of space to accommodate more. There are two condos with plenty of room so more than one kitty can relax at the same time and there are so many levels that they will never run out of places to explore.

At the rear, there is a bar that can attach to the wall so it will always stay in place and all the thick poles are covered with sisal rope to make sure they have lots of opportunities for scratching.


  • 67 inches tall
  • Two condo houses for a quiet place to kip
  • Lots of different levels
  • Attaches to the wall

  • Can be a bit pricey for some

Best Value: Vesper Cat Furniture

Not only does the wooden design of this cat tree look great but it adds to the durability. Once you get past the materials it is easy to admire the thoughtful placement and levels including the roomy cub design condo. It stands at 47.9 inches tall so it’s not the biggest but this does make it very stable.

It includes a handful of memory foam cushions that provide a comfortable spot for your kitty to rest and they are kept in place via velcro so won’t slip. Because they are removable they are easy to clean so keeping this cat tree for large cats hygienic is easy. With so many posts for scratching it will keep their claws away from your sofa legs and


  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Includes memory foam cushions
  • Easy to clean

  • Rope can fray quite quickly

Best Tall: Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Beige

This massive cat tree for large cats is perfect for homes with multiple felines or one that loves to be up high. This is because of the 106 inches tall design with a top pole that can be adjusted and can attach to the ceiling for a cat that loves to climb. With 3 condo houses to rest in, your pets will never be without someone to rest their head and the faux fur feels soft enough to relax into for a lazy snooze.

Your cat gets 3 ladders to climb, 3 ropes to play with, 18 posts and 18 levels making it one of the best cat trees for large cats that need an area to play and explore. Although particularly large cats might find the condos a little small, it is one of their most popular products in the niche for a reason.


  • 18 different levels
  • 3 condos
  • 106 inches tall
  • Adjustable top pole

  • Takes a while to put it together
Cat Trees For Large Cats Guide

A fully grown cat often be lazy, spending much of its life curled up in a comfortable spot but the rest of the time they need mental stimulation. It is no secret that cats love being up high and a cat tree for large cats can give you both a place for her to rest and plenty of opportunities for play.

Not all products are made equal so make sure you know a thing or two about the better products is important. There is more to it than offering a tall place to play. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide, so you know how to get this purchase right.

What To Look For In A Cat Tree For Large Cats

Sturdy Base

Because we’re talking about large cats here, the tree you are looking at needs to be sturdy. This means it should have a bit of weight to it, be made from a sturdy material such as a reconstructed wood, and have the width to ensure the whole tree doesn’t tip.

Numerous Levels

This is one of the most important features of a cat tree for large cats. Between exploring and playing, a cat needs different levels to rest. This can include a cozy condo or two, different sizes and shapes of the platform and even a hammock.

Scratching Posts

Most cat trees include rope around the posts so your cat can dig their nails in for a nice stretch. The more the better as not only does it mean they can scratch on different levels, but it will keep them away from your furniture. 

The quality of the rope will be important here as some of the cheaper cat trees for large cats tend to fray within days which is a sign that they are not going to last long. 


A cat tree for large cats needs to be tall enough for your fully grown feline to get enough brain stimulation and exercise. If it only has two levels this probably isn’t enough for her. There are plenty of decent products that are around 50-inches high but we recommend trying to find a product with over 70 inches to offer.

Hanging Toys

Because a cat tree isn’t only for rest, it should provide ample opportunities for playtime. The best cat trees for large cats have numerous hanging toys. This can be a simple rope of a toy mouse on the end of a bit of string but anything that has they reaching up at pawing away is worth considering. 

Supported Weight

Before buying the cat tree for large cats that you have your eye on, make sure it can take the weight of your cat or cats. When she is resting on the upper levels, you need to be sure that it won’t tip so injuries can be avoided.

What Is A Cat Tree?

Although it seems like a general way to describe these cat products, a cat tree is a place that offers your feline friend different levels of play and to curl up. Often described as a cat tower, they vary in height and features but above all, they provide a safe and comfortable place for your pet to rest.

Why Do Cats Love Cat Trees?

You may have seen your cat stuck on a high shelf, on top of the fridge, or even on your roof, basically, they love to climb. Their natural instinct is to stay away from potential predators, the fact is, being high makes them feel safe.

A cat tree is a sensible purchase for any cat lover as it means they can rest at height, without scaling your shelves and knocking items onto the ground.

Are Cat Trees Good For Cats?

This is a perfectly reasonable question that a lot of people ask before buying. Cat trees are an excellent product for all types of cats, particularly shy and timid cats. Any nervous kitty can benefit from having a safe place to rest that is off the ground. You’ll often find her sleeping in the condo space as it gives them shelter and cat trees can help to make these types of cats more comfortable, particularly in a new environment. 

How Tall Should A Cat Tree Be?

Anything that helps a cat get off the ground can make them feel safe but some felines like more height than others. This is why floor to ceiling models can be a good idea. A cat tree with an adjustable top pole can extend the height and give them somewhere to climb. 

Otherwise, a common height for a cat tree for large cats tends to be just over 70 inches tall. 

Are Cat Trees Easy To Assemble?

Some of this will depend on the product itself as easy to follow instructions and all the tools you need to put it together go a long way. Still, it will also depend on your level of expertise and patience. 

Even for someone who doesn’t do a lot of DIY, a cat tree shouldn’t take long to put together. Of course, the bigger the cat tree and the more levels it has, the longer it will take to construct.  

What Is The Best Cat Tree For Large Cats?

The best cat tree for large cats is one that is sturdy, affordable, made from durable materials and has all the features a good cat tree should. In our eyes, the best all-rounder is Go Pet Club Cat Tree. They are responsible for some of the best products in the niche and their 72-inch tall tree is high quality, with 15 levels and 10 scratching posts.

What more could your kitty ask for?

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