Best Litter Boxes For Multiple Cats in 2020 – Reviews

The more cats you have, the more mess there is to clean up from the litter box, so you want to make the process of discarding their waste as easy as possible. This is why you need to find the best litter box for multiple cats. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but there is more to high sides that make better products so good.

To help you make a sensible decision, we have created a list of the best litter boxes for multiple cats. There are a variety of designs but each one has been created to ease the cleanup process, and create an environment where your cats feel safe.

List of the Best Litter Boxes For Multiple Cats

Editor’s Choice: Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box

Any way you can disguise a cat litter box can be useful wherever you put it and there are none better than this plant design from Good Pet Stuff. It looks like a genuine clay pot and completely covers your cats to make them feel safe as they use the box. The polypropylene design makes it durable and easy to wipe clean if necessary. There is a filtered ventilation system that ensures dust and odor is kept from exiting the box.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and everything you need to disguise the litter box for multiple cats, except for the litter itself. Alternatively, you can line the bottom half with bedding and use it as a cat bed instead. There is plenty of room inside so it is ideal for homes with lots of cats and a guest will never be able to guess what it is until they see a satisfied cat stroll out of it.


  • Unique design
  • Hides the litter box
  • Keeps out odor and dust
  • Spacious inside


Best Budget Pick: IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

If you are looking for a cheap litter box for multiple cats then this is the best product available. The value you get considering the build quality is great and because of the top entry design, cats seem to take to it very quickly. This means you do not get spills and have to clean up any flying debris and it even comes with a scoop when it comes to cleaning.

The design is also good for homes with cats and dogs since it means your dog will not be sticking his nose around the litter box. The large top opening is 9 inches wide which makes it easy for a fully grown cat to get in and out and the filtered lid works to remove debris from your cat’s paws so it drops back into the box.


  • Top entry design is popular with cats
  • No debris
  • Includes a scoop
  • Filter lid removes debris from paws

  • Larger cats might find it a little small

Best Hooded: Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Gray

With a plastic door that allows your cats in and out with ease, this traps odors inside and has plenty of room. Because of this, it is an ideal litter box for multiple cats and is great value considering the size. The hooded design gives your cat the privacy she needs to use the box and feel safe and features a large top opening that makes it easy to scoop out any solids.

The slider door locks and there is a handle on top so you can easily transport it from place to place. The backside is raised to prevent leaks and there is even a built-in bag anchor that makes it easy to clean with one hand.


  • Plastic door keeps the odors in
  • Lots of room for multiple cats
  • Hooded design makes them feel safe
  • Easy to clean

  • Inside can be a little dark

Easiest To Clean: Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Large Cat Litter Box

This unique design makes it easy for you to clean up after more than one cat thanks to the roll and clean feature. In a way, it is self-cleaning because all you have to do is roll it to the side and any solids will collect in a removable tray. Use it with clumping cat litter for the best results. The sheltered design makes it popular with cats and it takes little in the way of introducing for it to become their regular spot.

It is definitely on the large side, making it the ideal litter box for multiple cats and it saves you from scooping individual solids as the grill inside separates clumped waste.


  • Easy to remove solids
  • Unique design
  • Sheltered litter box
  • Lots of room for multiple cats

  • Not everyone prefers a bagless design

Best Self Cleaning: PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

If you are looking for an automatic litter box for multiple cats then this is the best around. There is plenty of room inside so even if your cats are going one after the other, there is going to be lots of space available. The automatic self-cleaning capability is the most impressive part as it comes with disposable trays that you throw away approximately every two weeks.

The disposable trays feature a plastic lining to prevent leaks and there is even a motion sensor system that allows you to track how many times your cats have used the box. You can set the cleaning cycle to start either 5, 10, or 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box. It pushes the solids out of sight and into a separate area so in ters of odor control, it is one of the best.


  • Self-cleaning litter box
  • Can customize the cleaning cycle
  • East to use
  • Less odor and no leaks

  • Can be a bit pricey for some budgets

Best Disposable: Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box, 2-in-1 Disposable Cat Litter Box

The easiest way to get rid of your cat’s mess is with a disposable litter box for multiple cats and this product is one of the best. It is made from shredded paper but it is strong enough to ensure there are no leaks and it will no shred. You can use all types of litter with these trays and the height of the sides and back means there spills and kickbacks are less likely.

The built-in baking soda gives you better odor protection and the increased airflow ensures solids dry out faster. Because it is disposable there is no need to scoop the solids, or scrub the sides every week or so. All you need to do is throw it away and fill a new tray with litter.


  • Best disposable litter box
  • Baking soda reduces odors
  • No cleaning required

  • Not so easy to spot clean
Litter Box For Multiple Cats Guide

A household with a single cat can be difficult to clean up after let alone one with multiple kitties. This is why you need a durable, easy to clean hassle-free litter box. The problem is, there are so many products to choose from. There is everything from hooded litter boxes for multiple cats to self-cleaning products.

You will want to get this purchase right the first time as cats don’t always respond well to a lot of change all at once. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide, to make this purchase a simple one.

What To Look For In A Litter Box For Multiple Cats

A Large Box

Unless you are buying multiple boxes to place them in different areas around your home, you need to buy a cat litter box that has ample room for the mess of multiple felines. 

If the design is an open-top type then you need to be sure your cats can fit in with ease.

High Sides

If you don’t opt for an enclosed litter box then make sure it has high sides. This prevents kickback and spills so the litter stays in the box and not on your kitchen floor. 

Easy Access

You’ll be surprised as to how many of the low-quality litter boxes fail to make their products big enough for all cats. The entrance needs to be wide enough to accommodate a large cat with ease or they will find it awkward to use and probably go nowhere near it.

Ease of Cleaning

There are different types of litter boxes for multiple cats and we will discuss them a little later but being able to clean each one with ease is going to be one of your major concerns. Being able to wipe the sides down to lift the top off an enclosed box will make the process a lot easier. 

Enclosed Vs Open Top Cat Litter Box

Both have their benefits but a lot of people opt for an enclosed litter box for multiple cats. This is because of the extra solids as an enclosed product prevents odors from spilling out as much. From your cats point of view, most felines tend to prefer enclosed litter boxes because they enjoy the security and privacy.

However, a nervous cat might not hop into an enclosed box so you have to buy the right one for your cat’s personality. 

How To Manage Odor In A Litter Box

The first thing you need to do to control odor is to stay on top of the scooping. The more solids there are, and wet patches, the more the obvious the odor. Some people use more than one litter box so there is not too much waste in one area whilst others prefer an automatic litter box that moves the solids out of sight to keep odors away.

For homes with multiple cats, the size of the box matters. You need to buy a product that has the room to accommodate the needs of numerous cats.

Where To Put A Cat Litter Box?

This is an important decision as some cat owners falsely believe their cats just don’t get on with their new litter box, but it is the location that outs them off using it.

The best place for it is a low people traffic area where your cat can get some privacy. They prefer a quiet environment as we all do. A lot of people find a downstairs bathroom to be a good place.

Different Types of Litter Boxes For Multiple Cats

Open Top

These are the simplest of designs and tend to be the most affordable. The main issue with these is that there can be a fair amount of kickback and debris makes its way out of the tray easier.


For many cats, these are the types of litter boxes that make them feel most at ease. The security they get from the shelter can ease them into using it and they are also good for odor control.


Using modern technology, automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes come at an expense but many people swear by them. They use a sensor to determine when a cat has left the box and use a grill to move the solids into an enclosed area. This means you do not have to clean them as often and when you do, it is simple. 

Top Access

Not all cats get on with these litter boxes and a large feline might find it difficult to get in and out but if your cat does use it then they can be easy to clean, prevent spills and give your cat some privacy. 


Although using them can be a little more expensive, the benefit is that the clean up is kept to a minimum. Unless you choose to do a little spot cleaning every now and then, most people throw them away and replace them with a fresh one. 


Some of the best litter boxes for multiple cats are decorative. These are great for cat owners as it helps to disguise the box so it doesn’t look out of place or take over a room. You can get them in all shapes and sizes but some of the best are made to look like a plant pot.

How Many Litter Boxes Do I Need For Multiple Cats?

Many experts will tell you that for every cat you add to your home, you need an extra litter box. This can prevent any aggressive encounters if more than one kitty needs to go at the same time. Place them in different areas of your home to ensure they can use them in privacy.


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