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Best Self Cleaning Litter Box in 2020 – Reviews

One of the most thankless tasks imaginable, yet one of the most necessary for any cat owner, cleaning after they have relieved themselves is not for the faint-hearted. Still, some products make cleaning up easy such as a self-cleaning litter box. It is one of the best inventions for cat owners and the best products really make life simple.

They come with various features and in different sizes so how can you tell which is the best self-cleaning litter box for your home? We have compiled a list of the very best and each one would make an excellent addition to any cat owners’ life. With the reliable quality and built a little different from the average litter box, here are the top products.

List of the Best Self Cleaning Litter Box

Editor’s Choice: PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

Some people find it difficult to clean a little box due to their health whilst others just want to make life easier but whatever side you fall into, this is the best self cleaning cat litter box around. You get everything included such as litter, disposable trays, a hood and it’s available in two colors. Once you have loaded a disposable tray, it self cleans for weeks until you can throw the tray into the trash and replace it with another.

This means you never have to come into contact with their waste, especially since they come with a lid. The motion sensor works as a health tracker as you can see how many times your cat has entered the box and the hooded design makes them feel safe so they’ll feel comfortable using it. The rake scoops solid beneath and traps it out of the way, covering it so the odor does not get out. You can adjust the cleaning sensor so it works 5, 10, or 20 minutes after your cat leaves the litter box. Use a quality litter to absorb any scent and forget about it for around 2 weeks at a time.


  • Do not need to dispose of waste for around two weeks
  • Traps waste and prevents odor
  • Includes 2 disposable trays
  • Adjustable cleaning program


Best With Disposable Trays: PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Very similar to our top product, this comes a close second in our list of the best automatic cat litter boxes. There is no hood and you cannot adjust the timer for clean up, instead, it automatically cleans 20 minutes after your cat has used the box. There are the same quality and disposable tray method that makes cleaning after your cat less frequent and much easier.

Again you get two weeks of not having to clean and when you do, just fix the lid over the disposable tray and throw it away. Easy to set up and with a built-in rake system to keep solids and odors out of sight, it comes with a great reputation.


  • Cleans 20 minutes after your cat has used the box
  • Comes with disposable trays
  • Great for odor control

  • No hood with this model

Best Flushable: CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

The design might look like an actual toilet but it is comfortable for pets and it works similarly. It flushes the waste away and self cleans so you do not get bad odors hanging around. You need to hook it up to a water supply and electricity and uses washable granules (the device washes them itself) so get to save money on refilling it and it also makes it far more convenient when it comes to cleanup.

It is fine for up to 3 adult cats to use and is hygienic because it washes everything away so you don’t have to do anything. Included is a box of washable granules and a SaniSolution cartridge so there is everything you need to get started. The device works by scooping and liquifying solids before washing and purifying the granules, drying them and returning them to the box.


  • Fine for up to 3 cats
  • No need to buy litter again
  • Keeps odors away
  • Hands free cleaning

  • Requires a hook up to water and electricity

Best For No Dust: LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Designed for a single cat of around 15lbs and under, this is a self cleaning litter box that has been made affordable yet still works well. It features an automatic scooping rake system that works to remove solids discreetly and keeps odors out of your living space. You get up to 7 days of not having to clean up after your cat and features high walls to make sure no spills are flying around for you to clean.

The water receptacle comes with carbon filters to keep odors away and the ramp cleans paws so there is no dust from the litter. 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box it starts to clean and whilst other products have more adjustable settings, it is good value considering the price.


  • No cleaning for 7 days
  • Keeps odors away
  • High walls so no litter spills
  • Ramp cleans paws

  • Not ideal for more than one cat

Best Affordable: Modkat Litter Box

This has a simpler design than a lot of the other products on our list but it is effective at clearing the box of litter without the need for you to get hands-on. It looks great in a kitchen without being an obvious litter box and offers your kitty the chance to use it with shelter thanks to the top entry design. It keeps litter inside thanks to the lid so there is no risk of spills and extra cleaning.

Although it isn’t strictly self cleaning it does prevent more cleanup. It takes reusable liners making it easy to clean and they can last up to 3 months. The high walls are great for containing odor and there is less interaction required than other brands hence why it features on our list.


  • Unique design
  • No spills
  • Includes reusable liners

  • No strictly automatic

Easiest To Clean: PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This neat self-cleaning litter box cleans itself regularly, completing a full rotation every hour to keep odors contained. Because it works slowly but effectively, it is one of the quietest products on our list making it easy for your cat to get along with. Most cats will find there is ample room for a comfortable toilet break so any feline up to 15 lbs can use this device.

You get a 6 ft power cord so it can be installed almost anywhere in your home and it is known for its low power consumption. The enclosed bin can be lined with a plastic bag, making it easy to clean up once a week so there is little interaction with the product or any of the waste.


  • The quiet operation doesn’t disturb your cat
  • Completes a full rotation every hour
  • Easy to dispose of waste

  • Walls aren’t tall enough
Self Cleaning Litter Box Guide

With modern technology being the way it is, there has never been a better time to invest in a self-cleaning litter box. The best products make life easy so cleaning up after your cat is simple. Some people struggle to get down and clean the box which is why they are ideal for an elderly person or someone recovering from an illness.

However, the best self-cleaning litter boxes are also popular for families or those who don’t want to walk into the odor that comes with regular litter boxes. Finding the right product can be difficult unless you know what to expect from the box. To make sure you end up with a reliable product, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Self Cleaning Litter Box

Sensor Time

There is little point in buying a self-cleaning litter box that doesn’t clean up regularly or within a certain time period. If their solid waste has been left uncleaned for some time, you will notice so find a product that cleans every 30 minutes at a maximum.

Some brands have adjustable settings so you can amend it to clean up 5 minutes after your cat has left the box. 

Disposal Method

Some products keep the waste out of sight in a bin that you have to clean or remove once every 7 – 14 days, others have a self-flushing mechanism. Whatever product you choose, make sure it has a reliable disposal method as this is what will make it easy for you to clean up after, or more difficult. 

Low Maintenance

The whole point of a self-cleaning litter box is that you have less interaction with the device. A low maintenance product should mean you only have to clean it every week or so, can fix a bag to the disposal area for easy cleaning and do not have to come into contact with waste.

Odor Control

A lot of people would tell you that the odor of cat waste is the worst part about keeping one as a pet but the best self-cleaning litter boxes make this less of a problem. Some use a rake system to move solids away whilst others have continual rotation to move it out of sight. 

A Hood or Tall Sides

Although not every model offers these, it can be a big plus point for a self-cleaning litter box. Because the sides keep offshoots of litter in place, you don’t have to sp[end time sweeping the area every day. Anything that can help to contain litter is going to make your life a lot easier.


Whilst some models can cost close to $400, there isn’t always a need to spend so much. Homes with multiple cats should invest in something a little more robust as it is going to be put to work more frequently. Anything below $50 is likely to be unreliable and the best value seems to be around $100 for a decent starting point. 

Why Buy A Self Cleaning Litter Box?

The worst part about owning a pet is the cleanup and as cute as cats are, their waste does not smell pleasant at all. A self-cleaning litter box means you do not have to get close to their waste as frequently. 

Sometimes, you only have to empty the device once every two weeks although for most products, once a week seems about right. 

Another benefit of buying a self-cleaning litter box is that you do not have to come into contact with their waste. Because it omits ammonia and contains harmful bacteria, it can be detrimental to your health.

If you have young kids, particularly toddlers, you cannot leave them around a litter tray as they pick up just about anything. A self-cleaning litter tray keeps waste out of sight so young ones cannot get close to it. 

Finally, it is also far more pleasant for your cat if they have a clean tray to use every day. If you are out at work it can be used and cleaned long before you return home. 

What Litter Type Does A Self Cleaning Litter Box Use?

This varies depending on the product. Some are better with a crystal type litter whilst others are better with clumped. Then, there are even those that use granules that can be cleaned by the device so you don’t have to keep buying litter.

Whatever product you buy, make sure the litter is easy to find and that you use the correct one. 

How Can I Train My Cat To Use A New Litter Box?

Training your cat to do anything comes with its challenges but there are small things you can do to encourage her to use a new automatic cat box. You can scoop some of the waste from her old tray and place it in the new one. This will bring her closer because of her sense of smell. 

It is a good idea to turn off the device and let her use it before the motor makes a noise so she can get used to it quietly. 

Where Should I Put A Cat Litter Box?

For self-cleaning cat boxes, you are going to be near a power supply but anywhere that does not have as much people traffic is going to make your cat more comfortable with using the box.

Access needs to be easy and anywhere with less noise is going to help encourage her to use it time and again. 

Can You Use Clumping Litter In A Self Cleaning Litter Box?

In many products, you can but it is always best to stick to the guidelines of the model you choose. Because they are built to work with certain types of litter, you should be certain that you have an ample supply of the right type.



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