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Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2020 – Reviews

When it comes to feeding birds in your garden, certain pests tend to keep them from visiting. Not only do the likes of squirrels steal their food, leaving them with next to nothing, but their presence can be a deterrent. The best thing you can do to remedy this is by looking for the best squirrel proof bird feeder.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have a different approach to protecting the birds feed but when you buy a good one, the results are great to see. This means the birds you are used to seeing will reappear and won’t be concerned about those fluffy-tailed pests. Because you will want to get this purchase right the first time, we have created a list of the best squirrel proof bird feeders.

List of the Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Editor’s Choice: Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536

For many reasons, this is the best squirrel proof bird feeder and one of them is its effectiveness. When the squirrel puts its weight on the perch, it closes to protect the seed. This is ideal for anyone who wants to deter pests and leave the contents for small and medium-sized birds. The powder-coated steel design is weather-resistant and feels durable enough to last a long time. This also protects the contents well so it doesn’t impact or spoil the feed.

With a 2 gallon capacity, it is one of the larger units you will find and this means you will spend less time refilling. You can adjust the weight setting so it can accommodate larger birds or be extra sensitive. With a locking top, there is no chance of any animal getting inside but it also has a catch to keep it open for easy refilling. It’s made in the USA and feeds from both sides making it the ultimate squirrel resistant bird feeder.


  • Sturdy powder coated steel construction
  • Closes when the squirrel puts its weight on the feeder
  • Easy to refill
  • Large 2 gallon capacity
  • Made in the USA


Best Cage: Audubon Squirrel Proof Caged Tube Type Bird Feeder

With an appealing design, this is the best cage squirrel resistant bird feeder and it works a treat. The metal gridwork cage is robust and the holes are small enough for songbirds, but not squirrels. This means larger birds won’t be able to use it but there is more than enough to like about this product to make it a worthwhile purchase. The ABS plastic feeder is larger and has 4 feed ports for easy access for birds and holds a quart of seeds at a time.

You can hang it from a hook which provides another way of keeping squirrels away although smaller animals like chipmunks might be able to get in. The seeds might fall to the floor but because the squares of the cage measure 1.5″ x 1.5″, small birds get to eat in peace. It looks attractive as a feature piece in a garden and provides a great option for feeding wildlife, especially when they need it around the colder months.


  • Feeder has 4 feeder ports
  • Holes are 1.5″ x 1.5″
  • Can be hung from a hook
  • Attractive cage design

  • Juvenile squirrels might be able to sneak in

Best With Multiple Perches: Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches

With 4 metal perches, this squirrel resistant bird feeder doesn’t take up a lot of room but is effective at keeping pests out of the feeder. The weight of a squirrel closes the shroud which means they cannot get into the seed or bird feed you choose to fill it with. The hang gives it an added layer of security because of the 18-inch clearance you get either side.

Any feeder part that is exposed is completely chew proof meaning a squirrel won’t be able to prize their way in. The seed is ventilated because of the design of the feeder which keeps it fresh and it is easy to adjust the desired weight so you can ensure that adult and juvenile squirrels can’t steal the food.

Ideal for both small and medium birds it has sold millions of units worldwide which means there are lots of birds enjoying quiet mealtime. Made from UV resistant materials, the sun won’t cause it to spoil, keeping it looking new for longer.


  • Closes when a squirrels weight is on it
  • 18-inch clearance for added security
  • Made from UV resistant materials
  • Ventilated feeder keeps food fresh

  • Seed can fall to the ground

Best Pole Feeder: Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 2 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set

This pole set makes it easy to hand bird feet without the risk of pests getting close. Because the long, thin pole is smooth it makes it a perfect squirrel proof bird feeder tool. The black powder-coated stainless steel is both durable and weather-resistant ensuring this will stand up to the elements well. The tubular pole is strong and the twisted ground socket can be driven deep into the ground to ensure the construction stays in place well.

There is a squirrel baffle that stops them from reaching the top so even a keen climber will not be able to get past the pole to reach the food. One of the best features it the ability to hang two feeders at one time to attract more birds although it doesn’t come with feeders, they can be purchased separately and don’t cost a lot.


  • Made from black powder-coated stainless steel
  • Squirrel baffle keeps pests away
  • Can hang two feeders at one time
  • 21″ ground socket keeps it sturdy

  • Have to buy feeders seperately

Best Affordable: Myard MBF 75160-G Double Sided Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The pleasant design of this squirrel proof bird feeder adds to the appeal and it is darn effective. Because of the weight-activated perch, as soon as a squirrel gets close to the seed the unit closes the access. The body is made from a durable powder-coated steel frame and includes a metal hanger so you can keep it out the way and pests can’t even get close.

The spring force of the closer ensures it can be adjusted to allow different sized birds and weights to access the feed making it ideal for whatever area you live in. The perch length is also extendable to make it easier for larger birds to feed. Easy to refill and clean, it is a low maintenance squirrel resistant bird feeder.


  • Weight activated perch
  • Adjustable spring to allow different size birds to feed
  • Includes a metal hanger

  • Requires some assembly

Easiest To Refill: Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

This is one of the best-caged squirrel proof bird feeders and it has two ways of stopping the pests from getting into the feed. The 8″ diameter of the cage has plenty of room for small birds but not squirrels so they can feed in peace. Not only that, but the 15″ long tube protects the food whilst making it easy for the birds to get into. The tube is also easy to clean and remove so refilling doesn’t take long.

Ideal for outdoor use, the dome on top protects the unit and keeps the food, the unit, and the birds safe from the elements. There is a 1lb seed capability and the fact that you can hang it makes it even easier to keep away from squirrels. Songbirds are particularly attracted to it and will find it easy to feed although it does keep larger birds out.


  • Roof keeps everything dry
  • 15″ tube is easy to feed from and refill
  • Made from heavy-duty metal

  • Not suitible for large birds
Squirrell Resistant Bird Feeder Guide

If your current bird feeder seems unpopular to birds, the chances are that it isn’t to squirrels. These cute furry creatures can be quite cheeky when it comes to stealing bird seed and if you don’t have the right feeder, they’ll find it easy to grab as much as their cheeks can hold.

This is why so many people look for a squirrel resistant bird feeder. Not only are they effective at keeping pests away, but they come in a variety of designs and can hold a lot of feed. This is only when you buy a quality product. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to tell them apart. By the time you’ve finished our buyer’s guide, you’ll know what to expect from the best.

What To Look For In A Squirrell Resistant Bird Feeder 


What you want from a squirrel proof bird feeder is for there to be no spills. Some cage designs can get a little messy without an area to catch the debris. This sends some of the contents to the floor which attracts squirrels and other pests.

Easy Refill

Although you might find that small birds get through seed a lot slower than a thieving squirrel, the product you buy should still be easy to refill. A feeder tube needs to be easy to remove and put back and any top filling design can be made easier to refill. 

Weather Resistant Materials

Not only should any metal parts be treated so they are resistant to rust but the lids should also be UV resistant. This stops the unit from fading and looking old, prolonging the look for longer. 

Hanging Hook

This is another layer of protection that can keep squirrels away. Although it isn’t foolproof, and some squirrels are particularly adventurous, a hanging hook gives you the option to display the feeder in a variety of places.

Multiple Perches

The more perches you have on your bird feeder, the easier the access will be for birds. Not only that, but it can hold multiple birds at the same time. This can be great to watch as a flurry of excited wings flap around the feeder.

Large Feeder

At the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is the food. The product you buy should have a large enough feeder that you aren’t constantly refilling it. Anything around a couple of lbs or above should be fine as a minimum.

Different Types of Squirrell Resistant Bird Feeders

Weight Sensitive

These are some of the most effective squirrel resistant bird feeders because the spring mechanism closes access to the food tight. This is what keeps a squirrel out and the best weight-sensitive products can be adjusted. This means you can accommodate medium-sized birds or keep the food for the smaller, lighter types such as songbirds. 


As the name suggests, the feeder tube is protected by a cage with small holes that won’t allow adult squirrels inside. Unfortunately, they don’t always keep a juvenile from pinching some food and smaller pests like chipmunks, although cute, may still fit inside. For the most part, a small bird will find that they can enjoy a peaceful feed.

Battery Powered

The squirrel’s presence activates a spinning mechanism that is battery powered. When spinning, the squirrel will scarper which protects the feed. This can get a little messy though so unless it is done well, they aren’t as good an option for some people.

Electric Shock

To be honest, we’re not a fan of these as although many brands claim them to be harmless, there are more humane ways of deterring a squirrel. Some people say they are among the most effective methods but they aren’t something we recommend. 


With a squirrel proof baffle halfway up the pole, it stops a climber from reaching the feed at the top. This should be attached to a sturdy metal construction that can be pushed deep into the ground, making sure it doesn’t tip.

Where To Place A Bird Feeder

Birds should be able to access a feeder wherever they are and a lot of people choose to hang them from a tree branch. This is only a good idea if you have a squirrel resistant bird feeder but it is a natural place for birds to find food.

Some products are designed to be kept on a window sill which has its benefits but be careful of birds flying into the window and injuring themselves. 

What Is The Best Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder?

There are lots of different designs to choose from so pick the one that suits your garden the best but we like the Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536. Not only does it have a large 2-gallon capacity but we found the weight-activated spring to be the most effective at keeping squirrels from accessing the feed.

Weather-resistant and super easy to refill via the top, it is the most convenient as well.

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