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Choosing the Right Pet: Cats

Are you ready for a cat?

Here are some things to consider before deciding to add a cat to your home.

  • Do you know if you or anyone in your household is allergic to cats?
  • Are you prepared for hair on just about everything?
  • Are you prepared to scoop the litter box daily and do a full cleaning and change weekly?
  • Are you prepared for your cat to want to play at 3 a.m.? (They are quite nocturnal animals.)
  • Will you be able to afford regular vet care?
  • If you want a kitten, are you prepared for LOTS of playtime and socialization?
  • Are you prepared to deal with training your cat to use a scratching post or trimming its nails?

First time cat owners

  • Stay away from what is known as the ‘excessive cats’
  • excessively shy, aggressive, demanding, or needy as these cats may be too challenging for your first experience.
  • Choose a cat that is friendly and outgoing. A cat that doesn’t seem too stressed at the shelter usually means it will adapt well to the home environment and would be ideal for a first time cat owner.

How to choose the right cat for you

  • Consider your needs and expectations, what do you want from a cat as a pet?
  • Consider the cat or kittens needs and expectations, what do they need and what can you provide for them?
  • If you live in a full time working household it’s recommended you stay away from the kittens or adolescents (under 18 months), it will be quite difficult to meet their needs for attention and playtime. Sometimes having 2 cats of the same age group will make it possible to have a younger cat.
  • An adult cat that seems outgoing and friendly is always the best bet, especially for homes with young children.
  • Also consider the different types of coat cats have. Shorthaired cats can shed as much as longhaired cats.
  • Medium to long coated cats need almost daily brushing and some may need to see a groomer regularly.
  • Shorthaired cats should be brushed every few days to remove excess hair. The longer the hair, the more maintenance you will need to provide.
  • Cats can live to be 20 + years old if properly cared for, so keep this in mind when looking for your new companion. Will you be able to give this pet a permanent, forever home?

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