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Fight Puppy Mills

The Humane League of Lancaster County is ground zero for dealing with the nightmare of our county’s infamous puppy mills. Our Humane Officers inves­tigate cruel condi­tions and seize sick and dying animals. Our staff stay for hours beyond closing time to receive these dogs and make them more comfortable than they have ever been. After a few months with us, it is truly incredible to see the change as they become loving and trusting beings. We have hundreds of success stories, yet know that there are thou­sands who are waiting to be rescued. Everyone here is dedi­cated to saving one life at a time.

The time for action is now! As a community and as indi­viduals we need to take a stand against our county’s puppy mills and say, “no more!” The deplorable and inhumane condi­tions that these animals are bred and raised in is unac­ceptable. Their pleas for help and compassion go largely unheard and it’s time for us to give them a voice. Together, we can and will change the future of this silent majority by giving them our compassion, courage and strength.

How you can help

  • EDUCATE YOURSELF. Are you aware of exactly what a puppy mill is? Did you know that puppies being sold in pet stores often come directly from puppy mills? Watch the video above for a look inside a puppy mill. (Video produced and copy­righted by the Humane Society of the United States.) Educate others. Tell your friends and family about what really goes on inside of a puppy mill. Still in school or attending college? Consider giving an oral presen­tation or doing a report about puppy mills.
  • DON’T SHOP. ADOPT! Are you or is someone you know consid­ering getting a puppy or a new pet? Consider adopting rather than purchasing a puppy from a pet store or breeder. Remember, the majority of puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills or other large scale breeding oper­a­tions. Purchasing a puppy from a pet store or breeder continues to drive consumer demand and allows puppy mills to remain in business. Simi­larly, while buying a puppy from a puppy mill might seem like you are doing the right thing and “rescuing” the puppy, your purchase will just give the breeder more profit and a reason to continue oper­ating. If you are looking for a purebred puppy, contact the Humane League and we will gladly provide you with contact infor­mation for a local breed rescue group.
  • GET INVOLVED. The Humane League is always in need of volun­teers and foster parents. Some of our volunteer oppor­tu­nities, such as bathing dogs and walking them, may involve directly assisting us in providing care to dogs rescued from puppy mills. We have an ongoing need for foster parents who are willing to care for puppy mill survivors in their homes on a short or long term basis until they are ready for adoption. For volunteer oppor­tu­nities, please contact Volunteer Coor­di­nator Lauren Monti at . For foster care oppor­tu­nities, please contact Foster Care Coor­di­nator Lori Kelley at
  • DONATE. Click here to make a financial donation. Simply select “Animal Rescue Fund” from the desig­nation drop-down menu. The Humane League frequently houses dogs from puppy mills on a long term basis while our Humane Officers press charges against breeders. In these cases, the shelter pays for all of the dogs’ medical needs, food, housing, and care. The total cost per dog can exceed $2,000! Your donation today will help us provide the reha­bil­i­tative care that these dogs so desper­ately need and deserve.
  • REPORT UNSATISFACTORY KENNELS! Call the Humane League of Lancaster County and ask to speak to a Humane Officer (717) 393‑6551 Call the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement 1–877-DOG-TIP1

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