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How To Get Started

How To Get Started

Filling out the adoption survey

When you come into the Humane League, we will first invite you to walk through our kennels to view our adoptable animals. If you would like to spend one-on-one time with any of our animals, we will ask that you fill out an adoption survey so that we have all of your infor­mation on file.

Bring your Form of identification

Once you complete your adoption survey, we will ask to see a form of iden­ti­fi­cation with your current address so that we will know where the adopted animal will be living. Drivers licenses, a piece of mail sent to you, a personal check, or a utility bill with you name and address are all examples of valid forms of identification.

Bring the family!

We always suggest that, at some point in the adoption process, you bring all members of your household in to the shelter to meet with the pet you are inter­ested in. Adopting a pet is like bringing a new friend into the family; therefore, it is important that everyone who will live with the animal is comfortable with the decision and excited to make him or her part of their life.

Placing Animals on Hold

There may be instances in which you come to the shelter and see an animal you would like to adopt but you need to bring another family member in to meet with the pet, get landlord approval, etc. In these circum­stances, our staff may allow a hold to be placed on the animal. The following are guide­lines regarding our Hold Policies:

The animal is available for adoption to the public unless a hold has been placed.

  • A hold can only be placed on an animal if the potential adopter has an approved appli­cation on file, except at the discretion of the Customer Service Lead or Kennel manager in an excep­tional case.
  • All holds will be termi­nated at the end of the business day unless otherwise stip­u­lated by Humane League Staff.
  • A hold requires a deposit of $25, which will go towards the adoption of the animal but is not refundable if the potential adopter decides not to adopt that animal.

Are you renting?

If you are renting, we strongly urge you to check with your landlord about their pet policies before you come into the shelter and fall in love with a particular animal. If you are renting, your landlord may have breed, weight, and or age restric­tions about what kind of animals they allow on their property. Knowing these guide­lines ahead of time will make the adoption process much smoother.

Do you have existing pets?

If you are inter­ested in adopting a dog and you already have a dog(s) at home, we will request that you bring your dog(s) into the shelter to meet whatever dog you are inter­ested in adopting. By bringing your dog to meet a new dog at the shelter, it will allow the dogs to meet on neutral territory. It will also give you an idea of whether or not they will get along with each other once you have your new dog home or whether you should continue looking for a more suitable companion who will get along well with your existing pets.

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