Rescued Pitbull Puppy Adopted From HLLC!

Camille was adopted into her forever home this weekend! Thank you to all our donors, supporters and the foster care volunteers who made this possible!

On Monday at noon the Humane League of Lancaster County received a pitbull puppy  who was cared for at PETS after the two adult pitbulls that she lived with attacked her.

The 3 month old blue pitbull, named Camille by staff members, was taken by a neighbor to PETS for emergency treatment. The owners of the dog declined payment and signed Camille over to PETS. At PETS, she had x-rays, received fluids, was monitored, and her head laceration was cleaned.

Dr. Bryan Langlois, Medical Director at the Humane League, examined her upon arrival and determined that in addition needing time to recover from the swelling and laceration, her right eye will need to be removed due to the severe damaged cause by a bite wound on her head. After the surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow, Camille will be placed in a foster home to recover.

The Humane League of Lancaster is asking for donations to help defray the cost of Camille’s foster and medical care. The estimated cost for care is $500-$1,000. Any donations received above and beyond what is needed for Camille’s care will go to the Humane League’s Animal Rescue Fund to help other dogs like Camille.

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