The Humane League of Lancaster County offers a wide variety of programs designed to positively impact the lives of animals and people in Lancaster County and beyond. The HLLC tries not only to react to and address crisis facing animals, we work to address the root causes of the problems facing animals in our society.

Through our homeless pet housing services, our nationally recognized PetNet programs including Ani-Meals On Wheels and SAFE Haven, the HLLC is there for pets in need, when they need us to be there. Through our collaboration with our Humane Pennsylvania partner organizations, we are working to be prepared for the future and make a positive impact tomorrow through planning and work today.

Many of our services are listed here and you may click on a link for more information about them. If you require additional assistance, information, or have a suggestion for program additions or improvements, please contact the shelter at (717) 393-6551 or by emailing

Complete, comprehensive veterinary services are available to the public.

Complete veterinary services are offered to pet owners at Humane Veterinary Hospitals Lancaster, 2195 Lincoln Hwy East, Lancaster, PA. Services range from comprehensive veterinary services to reduced fee, limited vaccination, microchipping, and sterilization services for those who cannot afford or will not obtain full, proper veterinary care for their pets. Please visit our Vets page for complete details.

Humane Veterinary Hospitals Lancaster provides these services by appointment. Call (717) 826-9762 for appointments. Please ensure that dogs are leashed and cats are properly secured in a travel carrier.

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