The Humane League offers a wide variety of oppor­tu­nities for inter­ested indi­viduals to gain expe­rience working with animals, learn more about animal welfare issues, and work with others to improve the lives of animals in our community. Due to the gener­ously donated time and assis­tance of volun­teers the shelter can offer many high quality programs and services to Lancaster County pets and residents!

The Volunteer Process:

1.  Submit Volunteer Appli­cation to Volunteer Coor­di­nator, Lauren Monti, at: or
Mail:  Attn:  Volunteer Coor­di­nator
Humane League of Lancaster County
2195 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602

Selection of volun­teers is based on skills and interests of volunteer, avail­ability, needs of the shelter, and an ability to demon­strate a commitment to the volunteer program and work as a team.  All appli­ca­tions are held on file for 3 months.

2.  Potential volun­teers are contacted to attend a Volunteer Infor­mation Session/interview with Volunteer Coor­di­nator.  Volunteer Infor­mation Sessions provide an overview of the many services and programs the Humane League provides the community and how volun­teers are involved.  During the volunteer interview, inter­ested volun­teers discuss in more detail their interests and skills with Volunteer Coor­di­nator to help find the best match between the volunteer and the Humane League’s available volunteer opportunities.

3.  Success­fully complete necessary volunteer training

4. Are considered an official Humane League of Lancaster County volunteer!

Fulfilling Volunteer Require­ments for School, Church, or Other Social Clubs

We receive many requests from students and other indi­viduals who need to fulfill a certain number of volunteer hours and/or community service projects for school, church, or social clubs.  It is only with the support of generous community members like your­selves that we are able to continue to meet the needs of the animals in our care, and appre­ciate your interest in fulfilling your hours through the Humane League of Lancaster County!
*Service Project List: These projects are flexible, can be started right away, can count towards service hour require­ments, and work great for short-term and group projects. Volun­teers inter­ested in using these projects towards service hour require­ments who need docu­men­tation can simply track their hours on the Tracking Sheet and contact Volunteer Coor­di­nator at the conclusion of their project to arrange a time to sign-off on their hours.

*Orga­nizing a donation drive is greatly appre­ciated by the staff and animals!  Your efforts play a direct role in making sure the animals and staff have what they need to provide for the animals in our care!  Click here for a copy of the Humane League’s Wish List.

*Foster Care:  Foster care volun­teers provide a second chance to animals in need!  All vet care and supplies are provided by the Humane League and can also count towards service hours.  Contact for more information.

*Please be aware that volun­teers inter­ested in hands on oppor­tu­nities at the shelter must complete a Volunteer Appli­cation and spots cannot be guar­anteed until inter­ested volunteer completes the necessary requirements.

Q: What do volun­teers do at the Humane League?

A: Volun­teers help in nearly all of our programs! Volunteer oppor­tu­nities that require a fixed commitment include direct animal care, customer service, volun­teering at our off-site adoption center, etc. Volunteer oppor­tu­nities with more flex­i­bility include attending community outreach events, helping to plan special events, writing thank you notes, providing presen­ta­tions and tours to community groups, becoming a foster parent, and more!

Q: Are there any require­ments to be able to volunteer hands on with the animals?

A: Yes! Children must be at least 12 years old to volunteer at the shelter, and children 12 – 15 years old must volunteer with a parent/legal guardian. Volun­teers must be able to make a minimum time commitment of 2 hours/week or 2 hours/every other week, with most oppor­tu­nities requiring volun­teers being able to reliably commit to their shifts in advance.   Volun­teers are welcome to do more, but absolutely must be able to make this minimum commitment, as this allows staff and volun­teers to best work together as a team to provide the care and attention the animals need and deserve while they are with us.  All volun­teers handling animals must also success­fully complete training with an expe­ri­enced Volunteer Mentor before being able to volunteer inde­pen­dently.  During volunteer shifts, volun­teers work as a team with fellow volun­teers and staff, so teamwork, a positive attitude, and will­ingness to keep learning are all important!

Q: What if I’m not able to make a long-term commitment? Can I still volunteer?

A:  Absolutely!  Check the project list  for many ways you can get started today!  If you are inter­ested in on-call oppor­tu­nities at the Humane League, such as office support, yard work, community outreach, etc; the first step is to fill out a Volunteer Application.

If you see a project that interests you and have ques­tions, please email

Q: What are the benefits of volun­teering with the Humane League of Lancaster County?

A: Volun­teers have the oppor­tunity to gain expe­rience working with a variety of animals, develop profes­sional skills, network with fellow volun­teers and staff with similar interests, take part in free trainings and work­shops, and be a part of helping the nearly 11,000 animals that come through our doors each year!

Current Needs

The Humane League has many exciting enrichment programs for the animals at the shelter and volun­teers are an integral part of these programs! Stay tuned for exciting updates for these oppor­tu­nities for 2012!

We are currently seeking volun­teers who are able to assist in these specific areas:

*Humane League off-site adoption site at That Fish Place – volun­teers able to make 6 month commitment with a consistent schedule to work alongside fellow volun­teers and staff during adoption hours!  Avail­ability:  Follows adoption hours at  That Fish Place

*Foster Care — volun­teers provide a second chance to animals in need!  All vet care and supplies are provided by the Humane League and can also count towards service hours.  Contact for more information.

*People with expe­rience handling small mammals, such as guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits to assist with cleaning, social­izing, and customer service during adoption hours!

*People bilingual in English/Spanish to provide assis­tance in customer service, community outreach events, and community vet clinics.  Avail­ability:  Flexible

*Volunteer Dog Walking Team Members:  Volun­teers with dog handling expe­rience to take on active role of working hands on with the dogs awaiting adoption to work as a team with fellow volun­teers and staff to provide the daily walks and enrichment they need!  Must be able to reliably commit to volunteer shift in advance, preferably the same shift/day on a weekly/every other week basis between the hours of 2 –5 p.m.  This position is very active, with most of your time spent outdoors in all weather conditions.

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